Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thinking Autumn Already?

We have just returned   from Boston   seeing  our   kids.....can   one ever see your  kids enough....  this time  I  went to  share in  Amanda's   wonderful  baby shower....  She is so blessed by such marvelous friends  both at  work and at  church,as  well,   as  friends  as   close as  family who   just   simply  love her  .....     Just  a few  are  shown here with   our darling   Amanda.  

So on this visit Lynn and I took  Amtrak   on this  12 hour  trip .. our  first  Amtrak experience together....  so   I was   very limited in  what I could purchase  on this trip...but   what can I say...when  Amanda   says, "Wanna go to 

We dont have   one      anywhere nearby so...  I told her, "only if I can  rent  a part of her closet     just until  we  visit again if Isee  something I can't live without!"  And I did... actually,  Amanda found  it for me...
  I  didnt take a photo...  they were  wrapped up so   well,   but   she found  exactly 6  of these!
Hayride-Black pattern by Royal Stafford
  I actually   bought  6  soup bowls.....  regular  price  at Replacements,  16.00  each.   At HG  there were 2.99  each. In other words,  all  six  for  just over the price  of 1.....  I call that a bargain!I   dont   have this pattern,  but I do have   these.

  The Herdsman... 
which  I   think  are  just perfect for  autumn settings  like this Im sure   my  herdsman  lives in the country and   harvests the hay  for his  beautiful sheep....   and I  can already   begin   thinking about     a  new   setting  ....   we will be  returning to   Amanda   in a  few weeks  after the baby   comes....when they  decide  they are ready to   ask us to   come....or become  desperate to have us   what ever comes first!
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  1. Hi, Cindy! First-the answer to your question: No! One can not see their kids ever enough! My son lives a 4-hour drive from us. I can't imagine a 12-hr. train ride!! Secondly, the plates you bought are very pretty...but I'm definitely not thinking about decorating for fall, yet!
    By the way, thanks so much for stopping over at my blog and following me! And congrats on soon becoming a grandmother!
    Blessings! Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  2. Hi, again. Sorry, but I must REALLY be tired! :/ I just posted on your comment box, thinking I was writing to another blogger (as I'm sure you noticed). I'm usually not up at this hour...needless to say, I think it's time for me to get some zzzz!! Have a great weekend, Schotzy!

  3. There are some amazing bargains to be found at Home Goods! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous dish finds at TTF this week.



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