Friday, August 2, 2013

On the Rails Again!

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In June  I posted the  precursor to this   post....  We have just returned from our    rail trip to Boston...

 photo bOSTONTRIP2011184.jpg
a  photo from previous trip

Again our  first and always choice  is  the quiet car for  travelling, especially  when it will be  12  long hours....  the peace is  conducive to   rest, reading and my favorite  ...   listening to  my  music  via earphones...and now   to our delight,   all trains   offer  wi-fi  which  really  makes for  a more pleasant passage.

When   your  train leaves at 7:30am and the station is   90 minutes away,     it makes for an early  departure....   one never knows  quite  what  to  expect weather-wise until  the     fog   burns off...
But     last Friday   proved to be   a lovely   travel day!
I loved these   flowers   that  bloomed   in wet places  along the   line!
Much of the  view   was   trees and more trees  and thankfully blue   skies!
The Big Apple  was  a bit  smoggy..  but    better than the dreary   conditions  on our last  pass through! 
My favorite  part of  the  trip north is      through Connecticut  as the  rail skirts  along the  southern  coast of the state.
With    lovely  seaports   to the north,

 and ocean vistas to the  south
the miles just seem to  click  off the trip. 

 I  prefer  this mode of  transport   immensely more than  the   horrible   freeway traffic  through the  center of the  state.....
 photo Boston2010203.jpg
We have been  in that   stop and go pattern heading north into   Boston   many times......
This is  more  suitable for  a  SW  Virginia gal!
BTW!   Our destination...
 photo bOSTONTRIP2011167-1.jpg
to  visit our  budding chef !

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