Friday, September 19, 2014

A Reflection of my Soul

Rooted In Thyme

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Interestingly enough this morning as I was doing my Beth Moore  study of Children of the Day, we were asked    to  tell something about  ourselves,  what  sets us apart from many people  we know.. I only had to look around me to know   the answer to that one.. I  dwell in the might say....   not that God made  a mistake  by placing me in this century... but my heart beats to the melody of a music not of this age.  When God allowed us to  live in this English Tudor home,   it was the perfect backdrop for my  temperament.  For I am  of  an Olde World  mindset..
Give me a rousing madrigal   played with lute and lyre.... or a medieval  tune, or  chant
or  a celtic ballad any day of the week.

 As I  study   the    parlor,  I   see  resounding echoes of   such   soulful tunes.
Lots of   forged metals into  glorious  gothic highlighted by autumn's glory  and   fairy lights
or    metallic  lanterns    arrayed among masses of autumn leaves  
It isnt unusual to find a castle nestled here and there..
or  a fleur-de lys  adorning    a tabletop!
I consider me love and I the  lord and lady of our home!  hehehehehe
The  mantel echoes   the   aforementioned  patterns
and revels in autumn yet again with the  glow of fairy lights!

Even if I cant afford  the mullioned  windows of  a mighty fortress.

I find relief in the   multi-paned beveled glass of my  corner cupboard that  speaks to me just the same!

 One of the themes  that  my  chose to  showcase this season was  my love   for genealogy  so I designated the  breakfront chest  with  some of my collections
My scrapbook  outlines  four of my family lines   from both sides of my lineage
 the  box contains  old prints,   letters, and  other  mementos  passed down to me...
I love    this portrait of my great great grandfather Higgins.... so right to be honoring  he and his  lovely wife Silvia  as we  continue planning our Irish trip  in the nearing future!
So  I do think  it fair to  admit that I am a traditionalist,   enamored by  the times gone by,  a romantic spirit at heart   who thrills  at a  British  coastline or a  flock of sheep... hahahah....  who  dreams  of a time of chivalry,  or longs for the  peace of a lonely moor....  I am  definitely  a contemplative soul...  who finds  true joy  resting   in  the  simplicity,  but grandeur, of the  great  King of the Universe.... and his  magnificent Word!

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