Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wherever is it..... ON our Way Home from Massachusetts

Visit  here   for more..the most exciting place Ive been this summer  is   our trip north   last month....  when we go see our kids  in Massachusetts... we have always gone  up  I84 through Connecticut... it just seemed the  way to go....  but the  trip is invariably  hideous....   we  laid back southerners  are not   used to that kind of  'speed or be run over   bumper to bumper  madness'!
 photo 2013-10-11054955_zps9c01df67.jpg
this photo was taken last  fall  on our trip.... 
this year   it was so white knuckle I just couldnt even take a shot....  so   on our return trip I was determined to find a new way home...even if it meant a detour out of our way.....   and   did we ever find a much better ....  much more pleasant  route....
We stayed on I90  west  across Mass. all the way into NY  north almost to Albany.... ok, it was  about   45 minutes longer... and  twice on much on tolls...  but  the trip was  gorgeous!....  A leisurely drive through the Berkshires,  then south on I87 through the Catskills.

lovely  scenery and very little traffic... and particularly   very few  trucks!
Outstanding  vistas!
Then  on our  southward  push through the Catskills...
I found these photos on the internet  except for the   first photo  I took last  fall...  we have definitely found our favorite  route to take...  maybe I shouldnt have shared this best kept secret....  Our next trip up   will probably be by train...which is  our second best  means of transportation   to  the  Metro  area.  But this lovely  route through the  NE is  a  real  joy for  retired folks like us!  


  1. Oh wow...the first time I visited New England as a child, we took a train SOMEWHERE. Not sure where because we were just going to Conneticut and Massachusets, but I do remember walking to the train station. I'd forgotten about that.

    Lovely drive you found! Thanks for sharing this on Wherever Wednesday.

  2. wow love that you found such a pleasant route!!!!!!!

    love to you-


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