Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jehovah Jireh, He who Provides

Spiritual Sundays

The Rainbow Connection
When I ran across this   wonderful article online this morning  it really resonated with me....   especially  how  great, creative and  masterful is our God.  He   gave us not only beauty, variety,   but also everything we need to stave off disease and obesity and He wanted it  to  delight our senses as well... Next time you plan your  menu think rainbow colors! What an awesome,  magnificent  God and Father.And then,  I ran across this marvelous combination.....   yum...  brunch!!!!
POACHED EGG WITH AVOCADO AND ROASTED SWEET POTATOES, September Breakfast Series, Nourish Kitchen + Table, New York City, fitness food, healthy eating, nutrition, diet, good for you food, health, lifestyle

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  1. looks tasty!!! and healthy too! ;-) i really like this background-- so autumnal!

    love you,


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