Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Italian Love Fest

We had   a wonderful  Italian Love Fest dinner on Valentine's evening... We  invited   some great friends and enjoyed  some  fabulous new foods..
I have previously shared the menu and planning for the dinner..  today  I  wanted to share the table..

First of all, I absolutely love this pottery..  It is Royal Stafford  ..  pottery of Burslem that I found at Home Goods...  It is  the perfect Valentine  setting  with its  gorgeous coral roses and  romantic  olde world script...
I got  so many compliments on  it and everyone was sneaking a peek at the label...    but I told them I  couldnt find a pattern name for it  anywhere...
My sweetie did an amazing job matching my sweetheart roses with the  dinnerware...  I had asked him to try to match...mission  accomplished!!!
 I used  silks and    fairy lites  to try to create  a  pallazzo  garden room...  and  in the  dim  candle light, the mood was set...  in my  excitement  as the guests arrived I failed to capture  the  room    at twilight....  but it was  so romantic!
I was told the house smelled like a fine  Italian restaurant...   the  Pasta  Fagioli  was  first to capture the senses...  and I enjoyed serving it in my duck tureen.. I hadn't done that in some time.
I  had been a bit concerned about  the    Gorgonzola  Basalmic  dressing,   for at first taste,  while I was making it,   it was  quite tart...  so I blended in a  bit of   Turbinado  cane sugar...the brown crystals I  like to add to my coffee..   after blending I tried  to taste again and it didnt make a lot of difference,,, but  at dinner  the dressing  was  superb...  probably  my new favorite    for the  crystals had  melted throughout and  that drizzled on  romaine heart quarters  was  absolutely sublime...  Everyone  loved it!!!  The cake  was  awesome...  just like   true Italian dessert it was  rich and  creamy,  but not too sweet...  perfection!!!!!
and to  end Id love to share....  this  lovely music  I  discovered.. I  played a new  Pandora  italian love song  channel... and discovered  this song.,...  I cant get enough of it!!!!!!
                                         Grace at Home
                                       Home Sweet Home

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  1. Your table is lovely. The Josh Groban song was beautiful too. I love a challenge so I looked for your pattern name. There is one on replacements called antique rose that looks like it might be close. Now I will have to go back and check out the menu and planning posts.


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