Monday, February 6, 2017

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For Today..February 6, 2017

Outside my window...
Sunny ......clear ......and mild!!!

I am thinking... 
how fast time is flying by....  and how much  we really need to get done around the house this spring.  One thing is  removing the  horrid carpet upstairs...  that is  really old...  and  is glued down around the  walls...  I pray  it comes up  fairly easily... We took one  room up years ago  for our daughter's room ...  the other rooms  have area  rugs that  help,    but  time has come to get that miserable  carpet out of here!!!

I am thankful...
for reasonable health and  ability to do  the things  that we need to do...  praise God for his healing mercies and  provision!!

I am wearing...
jeans,   my  teal  blouse and navy sweater..  off to the eye doctor in just a few minutes.

I am creating...
  a couple of  dinner party menus...  you know,, Ive mentioned before I have two parties to make up  since Christmas  sickness  .. everyone  we know was sick over the holidays...  The menus made sense then  but now  I have  new themes and  new plans to make...  but I'm getting there.

I am wondering..
if  I  have lost my mind or if my idea is  a good one..  I was watching  Valerie's Home Cooking  last week  and  she was making some  fabulous party food... some  marvelous  bruschetta   with  salsa crab  spread  on  bread  crisps,  grilled romaine with  amazing   dressings, Classic PanzanellaPasta e Fagioli  soup,  and   this  awesome Butterscotch Love Cake..  I am thinking one   dinner  would be a fun tribute to  Valerie's  love fest  food... I  wanted something different and    these menus all look so tasty!  Any  suggestions!?!?!

I am reading:: 
Book of Judges for Sunday School
One Year Devotional, Walk with God 

A Thorn in my Heart, by Liz Curtis Higgs

Finding I AM  by Lysa Terqeurst

I am listening....
to    the morning show   on the radio... 

I am learning...
to try to be more spontaneous...    after all we only go around once!

I am hoping... 
as usual  to have face time today with our girls and  hopefully discuss our spring visit with them...  we haven't seen then since November  so it is TIME!

         Our Love Bug has just  started walking.. and Gaa Gaa needs to  see her!!!!!

In my garden... 

We just got back from  the Dr's office and  it is so springlike outside....  makes me think of  seed catalogues....  but no  plans, just ideas and dreams!!!

In my kitchen...
  Chinese leftovers today,  then  definitely  something with Orange Roughy...    I  like this recipe!

A favorite quote/scripture for today..

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One of my favorite things...

Beauty and the Beast...  
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I  came upon  some videos  regarding the making of the new film  set to come out in March...  I am so excited about it...Our daughter, Amanda,  was  6 when  the  original cartoon version  came out and  it was  our very favorite  Princess story...  We  bought the  video and watched it  so many times...  now the aspect of  a  live production  of the same story..  with very little changes  is  utterly enthralling to me... and  Dan Stevens as Beast  is   going to be amazing..  The good news  is I may very well be  with my daughter  when we get to go to the theater to see it  again!

Board Room
My decorating style  being  Olde English  can become rather  dark and heavy...  especially during the  autumn and winter...  I love it..  I  think of  JG  Chesterton and  C S Lewis  coming together in their library  to  debate  their theology over  tea and cigars..But  with the coming spring  I  begin to think,  how can I lighten up the  parlor  and  brighten up  the  mood!!!  My  board on pinterest  has several  grand ideas.

A Moment in my day.....
A Moment of my  life
Well,  I should say in my week.. I have had  several  wonderful moments...  all to do with my  health... I will begin and  say  In this I give  God the glory...  Last month  my  dear friend  gave us  prayer gals a book on  personal    communion tips... and how  our mind set should be as  we partake the  breaking of the bread...  Symbolic of  Christ's body.. it is the   bread of life  and when we  consume the bread  we  thanks  God for His provision of health and  abundant life...  So  I have taken  communion  in this manner of late  and  I  was  praying  over my  particular ailments of  obesity,  Type II diabetes, and glaucoma.. Then  I  joined in a corporate prayer over  our health  last week  crying out  Hallelujah  knowing that  Jesus inhabits our praise  and to  claim his  body in  at the moment of  sing  Hallelujah...  I  was feeling a refreshing sweep over me..
  anyway...  since then I have had  all of my doctor appts.  I have lost  about  8 pounds, all of  my  numbers from  my blood work are all  moving  in the right direction...  my  eye pressure was  wonderful today,    And  I am  praising Him  for his  loving  mercies!!!!

Glory to God in the highest,  peace on earth, goodwill to men!!


  1. Cute photo and great news!!! Now to keep up the momentum!!!!!!!

    Love you,

  2. Beauty and the Beast looks like it will be a great movie! Spring is definitely around the corner. Enjoy taking a look at the seed catalogs and planning for your garden. It's always so nice to have fresh produce that you've grown and can use for meals.


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