Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Computer Glitch,,, but I'm Still Praising the Lord

This lovely view out of my studio window never fails to bless me. I love steeples... they point us up to heaven!!!
So here's what's going on in my world lately!
Isnt there a love/hate relationship with one's computer! I love blogging and the sense of communication that is possible online... but when a virus or something interrupts the flow and bogs everything down... it can be so stressful! I am now on Lynn's computer... and it is so different from mine..... it makes everything much more difficult. Something very interesting th0ugh about my computer. I was called to use my computer on November 17th to help establish a 24/7 prayer vigil over a dear saint... and immediately my computer was taken over by the enemy.... I just know that the enemy satan corrupted my unit and he will not let it go. That very day my antivirus updater stopped working. and bammo.... I got a series of viruses which actually finally caused my computer to crash yesterday! I have satan's number. I am praying spiritual warfare over him and his minions. He will not defeat my purposes. I will use the internet to declare the Glory of God and the wonders of Christ! God is at work in the world creating miracles and demonstrating HIs power and love. Our dear saint and friend Doris did have a miraculous healing of her kidneys! The doctors are amazed and God's love is alive and active in the world today just as it was 2000 years ago! Praise God!
Let's all keep looking up... no matter what!!!

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