Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only for Amanda

would we venture out to the mall today! All I can say is..."Thank goodness for mail order!"
Lynn and I both felt like aliens in a strange land ...it had been that long since we had actually stepped foot at the major mall in the area. I myself avoid it like the plague anyway, but today it had to be done...so Lynn came home about 3 and we started by stopping in at mom and dad's

to clean off their car and check it out for Amanda and Joshua to use while they are in town.

Then we were off to the mall. The interstate became more and more congested the closer we got.. until we came to the first exit.. where the traffic was backed up on the off ramp.... on my... we started praying the next exit wouldn't be quite so bad.

at least there we did make it onto the access road but there the traffic became snarled... drivers showing their impatience and lack of consideration for their fellow man.

Once we were actually on the property the huge mountainous piles of pushed, filthy snow blocked our view as well as took up valuable parking spaces. These monstrous eyesores will probably still be haunting us come February!

Then we made it our business to hie ourselves right to the task at hand and scurry on our way right out of there.. lickety split. well, as lickety as it's possible through myriad throngs of dazed teeny boppers, harried moms pushing squawling baby buggie, and disgruntled dads laden with tons of packages. i was just a little skittish about taking any photos there.. if you know what I mean... then it was a madhouse trying to make our way to one of the two exits out of there! Argh!
The yucky salt spray on the window sort of compounded our discomfiture!!

After the wonderful comfort food of the Roanoker Restaurant... we finally returned to the placid serenity of our own little community...far from the madding crowd!

AW!!! Now let the Christmas festivities begin... shopping is officially... OVER!


  1. Hooray!! We. too, have a couple last minute things to pick up tomorrow! Going to be a busy Christmas Eve eve!!

    Love you,

  2. I am an on line shopper too Schotzy. I hate the croweded malls at Christmas. They do nothing to enrich the spirit. May you and yours have a Happy and Blessed Christmas together. xxoo

  3. You're braver than we are! We wouldn't go within 50 miles of Inverness at this time of year. I don't know how you kept your sanity... well, actually, I do. I'm glad you can rest and relax (sort of) now. We had to go to the village store this evening, and I didn't even want to do that! Thankfully, it was not too bad... other than, OF COURSE, not having everything we were looking for (food). Tomorrow, it will be a madhouse. Merry Christmas!
    Stacey & Ian <><

  4. Hooray the shopping is over. Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas!



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