Friday, December 11, 2009

Pink Saturday

Today we are continuing the Christmas celebration of Pink Saturday. This week we were asked to share about one of our favorite Christmas decorations. I collect angels...
and my favorite one was the first one I ever received...
my mother gave her to me when I was about 12 or 13. A music box, she plays Silent Night as she gracefully turns on her pedestal. Goodness, I suppose that makes her an antique now... almost 50 years old. All of a sudden I dont feel so well. I need to go lie down!
But isnt she lovely! Actually, she is holding up much better than I!

You'll definitely want to visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday this week!!!!
Have a wonderfully Pink Saturday!!!!


  1. What a pretty little Christmas angel! And that must mean I'm an antique, too!

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  2. Thanks for the smile this morning...Angels my dear are "ageless" they float among us....true friends! Happy Holidays Friend! And oh...this 50 thing is far over-rated...scoot need a nap too!

  3. LOL...Can I join the over 50 need a nap crowd too please!!!!...the angel is the sweetest!!
    Thank you for the smiles..xo Tami

  4. Looks lovely! Can't wait to see it all in person :)


  5. We don't need elaborate decorations or a big tree or numerous gifts under a tree. All any of us needs is to carry the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and to share it all year long with everyone we meet.

    Yes, those angels do have a tendency to hold up better than us mortals, don't they☺

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me today. Yes, I'm crazy about ♥PINK♥ but I'm also devoted to visiting some of the nicest blogs in cyberspace.

    Hoping your weekend is filled with peace.

  6. Lots of Antiques around here my friend! I sometimes forget just how old I really am getting. Love the angel she just looks so sweet. Love all the birds, so nice to visit you.

    Linda @ A La Carte

  7. Thank you for sharing your sweet angels. My mother, now 95, collected angels. She still lives with some in her apartment, but most have taken up residence with her grandchildren. It's fun to pass these little things down through the generations. Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah


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