Monday, December 7, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

December 7, 2009 from Schotzy's Daybook
Outside my window... It's 5:30 am and 29 degrees. Winter has definitely arrived to Virginia... the last vestiges of snow lay in patches around the house. One silver lining for me is that the colder it gets outside the closer I get to having my 5 favorite cd's come popping out of my auto cd player. It got jammed up early last summer and it usually frees itself as the cd's get very cold and contractor what whatever they do.. I am hoping it works again this time... it has happened twice before.

I am, do I ever have a to to do this week. I have only decorated the mantle and a table so far. I have some major house cleaning to do as well. Plus,, this is a full week taking my parents to various and sundry appointments! Whew! One day... step... at a time!

I am thankful for...our Sunday School class.They really are such a loving, caring group of folks. when trouble comes they are very encouraging and sweet people! We were priveleged to celebrate the holidays with them yesterday. We went out for Christmas brunch after church... very nice.... one of the couples belong to a local country club and they hosted us... the decorations were gorgeous... we were having such a lovely time I didnt even think to take a photo.... I'm slipping!!!

I am black velvet long housecoat... I'll be donning my jeans and a sweater after while!

I am remembering... I have 3 weeks of Experiencing God to read through and accomplish for Wednesday. We are finishing our class this week...and we had 3 weeks left to cover.... Thankfully, we're only expected to read through it for class... but yikes! I need to get onto that today!!

I am going... to be getting my Amazon order together and submitted today or tomorrow. I love online shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am reading...

Experiencing God chapters 10-12
The Bible, the Book of Luke

I am hoping...
to get all the decorations up this week. We'll reserve getting the real tree and wreaths on Saturday... but everything else... this week!!!

On my mind... I am just thankful that when we had to do a system recovery on this computer over the weekend my photos and documents were saved. At first I thought I had lost everything... this is teaching me how important it is to back everything up....

Noticing that... the days are just hurtling past! I certainly hope time stands still once Amanda and Joshua arrive for Christmas!!!

Pondering these words...
"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."
C.S. Lewis
I am so excited because tomorrow a group of my very best friends and I are going to the White Oak Tavern Tea Room for luncheon. Not only is this a lovely old refurbished log house filled with loads of charm and history, but the food and the tea are exquisite! To say nothing of the joy of just being together.... This will be a highlight of the season for sure!!!
From the kitchen...
I am thinking of making a nice pork barbecue for Lynn today! That is his favorite... so I suppose I should buy a nice plump cabbage for slaw this morning as well! Good, I'm glad I've got that out of the way! I do wish I was more organized when it came to menu planning... I am always so astonished by the many women who plan their weeks out in advance. I could never do that!

From my picture journal...

Maybe this will inspire me to get my act together today and get my prelit tree up and decorated today!!! Blessings one and all! Have a great week!!

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  1. I like your header and background. We have Bluebird boxes and enjoy watching them go about their lives. Well, we love watching birds of all kinds.
    I do not plan my weekly menu, now but I have done it in the past. It makes shopping so much easier and one knows what one can prepare for dinner even if you change up some of the days.
    What a lovely place to spend some fellowship time with friends and celebrate the Christmas season together.
    Have a great week.
    Mama Bear

  2. I love your Christmas page. The soft blues & the Christmas music you selected give off a relaxing vibe. I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Merry Christmas!


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