Monday, December 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook


December 28th


Outside my window... There is a brisk wind that makes it feels like 26 degrees! Brrrr! The temps will be falling throughout the day.... a good day to stay indoors!

I am thinking...tonight when Amanda and Joshua will come.. after dinner and stay until Saturday morning! Yippee!!!

I am thankful for...too many things to count... God is good...all the time....all the time.... God is good!

I am wearing... a long yellow sleep shirt and my long cosy terry robe. I havent decided about the day as of yet. Ill probably don a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt!

I am remembering... to pray for a couple of special prayer requests for good friends who are going through unusually difficult trials right now!

I am going... to try to make this Christmas week as special and loving as I can.. Our Christmas actually begins tonight!

I am currently reading... I have nothing going this week

I am hoping... to stay in a healthful balance this week with all the festivities

On my mind...the nasty beginnings of an upper respiratory flare-up Ive been battling all weekend... pumping zicam and pain relievers.... I refuse to be sick this week!

Noticing that... the lines around my face are more and more pronounced! Yikes!!

Pondering these words...

Between whom there is hearty truth, there is love.
Henry David Thoreau

From the kitchen...

slow baked ham and apple sauce cake

Around the house... tidy up and set the Christmas table mop the kitchen do a couple loads of laundry

One of my favorite things~ snow~ I have with our host on this one

From my picture journal...

Last year's Christmas table
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  1. If you have some pure essential oils, specifically, lavender and/or eucalyptus, put about 20 drops of each in a hot tub of water, close the shower curtain to hold steam in, soak for as long as the water stays hot/warm. This treatment generally drives away nasty cold/flu like symptoms for hours.

    The oils must be labeled pure...and take care that you are not allergic. Test on skin...lavender straight out of the bottle; mix a couple of drops of eucalyptus in a teaspoon of any oil (Canola, olive), rub on your arm, leave for a couple of hours.

    Essentials oils can be found at any health food store and some pharmacies. Good luck.


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