Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with Friends

Katherine's Corner is home to this blog party!
Yes, I am days behind....     I  got a new pc and  am learning the ins and outs....
I love  the   gatherings of Christmas with friends and    family...   This post is   designated mainly to friends...   the Thursday before Christmas  Lynn and I celebrated  with our  choir from  church. We always  meet a t our  pianists  home for  a potluck following our   Christmas   concert..
I am so  pleased that since retirement Lynn has joined our  chorale 

On Saturday  my prayer sista's  met at Lynne's   for  brunch! 

 We  always  feel the presence of God  at Lynne's   because of the many prayers   we have shared  there in our group.....

These are truly my sisters.....   God put us together  and   oddly enough  not one of the 6 of us have  a sister  and always wanted one...   We serve such a loving Father! 

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