Monday, December 10, 2012

Joyful Noel

A Delightsome Life
Joyful Noel!

I was just visiting   with Kathy at  A Delightsome Life  and  she wa s  sharing   about her  wonderful annual Christmas party   which inspired me to share about my  part in our  Sunday School Progressive dinner....   this  Saturday night  22 wonderful  friends from  church will   be  converging on us... IM so excited...  we  are hosting the main course  part of the meal....   Virginia and Ed are  hosting the   appetizers, and  Diane and   we all  pile in on Diane and Paul for dessert.   I love progressive  dinners....  it is so much fun to visit  in  friends homes  over the holidays and enjoy the merriment together!!I  am planning  8 around the dining room,  8 in the sunroom and  6  on the  gateleg table smack in the middle of the living.... room!!
 While sitting at the dining room table  I  took this shot  back into the parlor!!Alas, the  table  there  is  laden with     a tangle of  ribbons, greenery, and lights!!!

The sideboard  is   all set for   our festive evening!

adore  this gate leg table  I inherited from my  grandmother... Im pretty  sure my grandfather made it...   I sat around it    so many meals   as a child   visiting   my grandparents   in their  country farmhouse   when they  were  dairy farming....  Now   I am honored to   be able to  enjoy it   for  my   festive  party....  I'll be sharing more on this  as the week progresses!!! 
 I am also  sharing  on  Tabletop Tuesday


  1. Your dining room is lovely. Hope you enjoyed your progressive dinner!

  2. How marvelous - it has been years since we participated in a progressive dinner. It was our Sunday School class at the time and a wonderful way to visit each other's homes - Love your grandparents table - what a treasure! Your mantel and tree look marvelous! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  3. Joining you from the link up. What a cozy home you have and your ornaments are very cute :) Wishing you a very merry Christmas!


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