Saturday, December 29, 2012


Pink Saturday

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   This year on PS  we are celebrating  snow,  
but, alas this year we none!!
Oh, how in other years it was so pleasant to  see the new fallen stuff out of every window!
 to step outside ankle deep in the stuff!
If I could I would,,,   but not now,  not yet this season.... and  we do need it so!!!
But I'll enjoy   what  you have to share this week!


  1. The only reason I was thankful we got a little, we need moisture so badly. Texas has been under a terrible drought and everything dry and burning up.

  2. It's still snowing down here.

    I am trying to catch up with PINK entries before the year ends tonight. Hope you'd come and see my Snowmen
    Have a blessed and peaceful new year!


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