Monday, December 3, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (296-301)

Ann  Voskamp     @  A Holy Experience   wrote the  book   One Thousand  Gifts....   which  I  absolutely  love...    and  I share in  the   gratitude   journal   beginning  today  with 
296.  The joy   found during the yuletide season!
297.   The replenishing   joy of Christmas music   makes me smile everytime!
298.  My  sweet husband's  wonderful acts of love    while I  am under the weather....   tender mercies...   thank you, Lord!!!  
299.  The sound of our   precious  daughter's voice on the other end of the line  this morning   following  their   week long trip    and tedious red eye cross country flight.....I am always so  happy  when  she is finally   returned from     trips and is safe back home....    I pray, Father,that you will  give her   strength for this day  and  rest   tonight   when   she returns home from work.
300.   The hope we have in  Jesus  through our  prayer life and  relationship    through the Holy Spirit
301. Glorious sounds of   praise and    worship  this  weekend   at  our  church

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