Saturday, March 15, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday
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1.   What a thrill to wake up this morning  to 54 degrees.....  they say  we  could get a significant snow come Monday,  but  I   am  praying not so!   I am so   ready for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.  My  daughter's  best friend and  college roommate   delivered   a beautiful  daughter  last night,  Miss Olivia......   now our little  grand-daughter, Birdie has a new BFF!
3.  This was a red letter week for me  and  my   precious feet....  My feet  have been through  a    lot in their  63 years.So why would I   dare to mention  this on my blog...   Well,  it is easy to be become  consumed with  these feet 0' mine....   for  when they a re troubled,   I  am not   particularly happy!  Anyway,  I found a great  price on Clark  unstructured  sandals  and Lynn let me buy not one but 2 pair  so I can  alternate.   AW!!!!  The relief..  for  no matter  what the price,  if  the feet feel good in a shoe,  it is  well worth any sacrifice!

4.  I  have been reading  and taking notes on   the book Holy Fire  by RT Kendall  in preparation  for the Book Chat tea  scheduled for  the 24th....I will   finally finish it today....  it has been an awesome read... so well written and  has  helped me so much in my  understanding   of my  theology.....  it explains so much   to me  about  why I believe as I do.....  for I  have a very varied church background...  Methodist,  Conservative Reformed,  Independent Charismatic,  where I met the   wonderful Holy Spirit and my  inner  spirit came alive,   and now   evangelical..And I am seeing  how God  is molding me  for these times  and  preparing me for  what  lies ahead!  Praise God to be in His perfect will!
5. It is  so  wonderful to   be able to say that  the   virus of  the winter of 2014  has  finally  flown the coop, and I  am   becoming  energized  with new vigor...  I  actually feel up to   a  spring time challenge....  ummmm,   maybe  to start a bit of  spring cleaning.....   will wonders never  cease!!!!!

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