Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday
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1.  Well, spring has finally come to SW Virginia....   we  are  awakening this morning to  49   degrees,  drear  and windy March morning.. Doesnt sound  so great,  well,  at least the threat of snow is past, and  it looks like  kite flying weather! Yayayayayayay!
2.  Last night  hubby and I had a marvelous date night....Our daughter, a graduate form  Virginia tech sent us the notice
William Bennett lecture. Former U.S. Secretary of Education, host of the nationally syndicated “Morning in America” radio show, and author William J. Bennett will give the Cutchins Distinguished Lecture, “The Promise of America in Challenging Times,” at Virginia Tech on Thursday, March 27, 7:30 p.m., in Burruss Auditorium...
So we went and  what  an awesome   event...
 I wish the photos were better, but  I had to  zoom in  quite a bit to  focus on the stage...

 it was wonderful to see the  huge auditorium utterly   fill up with   young men in  uniform,  not only from  VPI, but VMI and the Naval Academy, as well.
 I really wish this was   clearer,  but I did feel rather   naughty for  stealing the  snapshot even though others were     snapping  as he  came to the podium  and the   audience was still  cheering his   entrance.
Mr. Bennett is such an inspiring and encouraging  speaker.  he put new  hope for  our country  in each listener there, because he reminded us of our  Godly heritage, and the   patriotism that  will never die, even if it  is  rather  sleepy  today!
3.  Lynn and I celebrated our  42nd  anniversary this past week!
4.  I am  so     delighted and   my heart is  filled with  love for my  precious daughter who is  encouraging me with my health   initiatives... She is my  accountability partner.. We exchange our  eating  charts  with   our exercise    listed for  each week...
5. Tomorrow is  our co-ed prayer  time  at the church chapel...usually we  women and men meet separately,  but  since it is 5th Saturday  we all get together to pray then  go our for breakfast....this works great, because  the men  are all    husbands to us  gals, who are married...  so  it all works out nicely...


  1. It's raining in my part of Virginia this morning. But, at least that stuff falling out of the sky isn't snow. I got so sick of all that white mess. Happy thoughts, Latane


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