Tuesday, March 18, 2014

To Cake or Not to Cake!

Less than a week now  until   my   fun Book Chat Tea...This has been in  the works for about a month now.  It all started with   the book Holy Fire, by RT Kendall....   and if you click on the book you will   go to the author's  page    and find out  why this book is so timely... all I can say it sums  up exactly  what I  believe in my spirit  to be true about  believing  the Bible in its entirety..IN other words, I   was taught the cessationist view,  but  now I think that is   heretical!  I believe the whole gospel!!!!YOU may or may not be interested in that...   but at any rate,  I purchased  the book for my dearest friends and prayer Sisters  and gave them a month to read it....then I  invited them to   a lovely  English  style  tea  to discuss the book  rather in  CS  Lewis style...  therefore  I have  rearranged my  living room  into an Olde English style study  or tearoom....

with the furniture  pulled in close together,   stacks of books  lying about..... and if this cold weather continues  a cozy  fire in the  fireplace will  take the chill off... hard to believe  it is  almost spring!

 My  Blue and white transfer ware   are at readiness... and I actually had  an opportunity   on Sunday to  try out the  tea cake  that  I  practiced baking..... I never  like to   serve  a recipe Ive never  made before.
My marmalade  sponge   cake   looked lovely,  just a single layer....saturated with  delicious orange  marmalade, but  when my  sweet cousin and  aunt  popped in on Sunday  I begged them to  enjoy a sliver  and tell me exactly what they thought.
Honest  to the core, their faces   showed  they werent quite sure how they felt....  they  said the texture was a bit off-putting....  I explained it was an Olde English recipe....  and  I  really like it, and Lynn has eaten half of it   now...  but I still   think I will  keep  experimenting...
even though I do  imagine  Mr. Lewis asking for  "a  bit more o that  lovely  marmalade  cake,   if you  wouldnt  mind!"
I still am making   those   beautiful  cinnamon Chip  scones  which by the way are   wonderful made a the day before   and    just  reheated as  desired...  
Anyway, dear cuz  offered to send me her favorite  sweet and   the recipe  

Millionaire Pie

1.  One Graham Cracker Pie Shell (I use the 9 oz/10" size)
2.  One 8 Ounce Package Softened Cream Cheese
3.  1/2 Cup Sugar
4.  One 8 Ounce Can Crushed Pineapple Undrained
5.  One Cup Fresh Frozen Coconut (Keep back 1 Tablespoon)
6.  One Cup Pecans Finely Chopped
7.  One 8 Ounce Container Cool Whip

Cream together your cream cheese and sugar with a hand mixer for 3-4 minutes.  Now add in the undrained pineapple, coconut, and pecans and mix together very well.  Now fold in half of the whipped topping and mix together well.  Pour into graham cracker pie shell.

Take the other half of the Cool Whip and place it on top of the pie, smoothing until evenly spread.  Toast the tablespoon of reserved coconut to golden brown under your broiler and sprinkle it on top of your pie for garnish.  Cover the pie and place back in the freezer.  When ready to serve, let the pie thaw just enough to be able to cut slices.

Optional:  Serve your pie on saucers or plates that you have had in the freezer for at least 4 hours, and it will work better if they have been in the freezer over night.  You can if you wish garnish the top of your pie with a maraschino cherry.  (I don't bother with this optional step.)


That does  sound delish  and  yahoo... another   make ahead dish....   because I will be   busy that morning  with the savories....  more on those  coming up  !!!!
Planning for and     getting ready for this tea has  really  been a  great boon to me over the past  dreary, cold, and snowy weeks....  It  has kept the hope of spring  ever on my mind and in my heart as I  have  dreamed of creating  a  joyous  time for my  dearest friends in the world!  

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  1. You created a cozy setting for your meeting and table is lovely. I like sponge cake and the one you made looks yummy.

  2. Hi Schotzy. I think your room has just the English warm and cozy feel! I like marmalade cake, but then we had it often in my English family, so maybe that's not surprising...Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. First - I have to say how much I love that wooden door! It really is quite wonderful! Also, this looks delicious and I am sure tasted the same and I am so glad you shared it!

  4. What a lovely setting you created today. Love the beautiful blue tea cups. Just a perfect. Blessings, Martha

  5. Hi: I love the table you set today. Those blue tea cups are perfect. Thank you so much for sharing tea with us. Blessings, Martha

  6. Good morning Schotzy,
    I always arrange my living room this way for the winter months. It's so very cozy. I do love your blue and white china and your marmalade cake sounds wonderful. I would love a taste! Thank you for coming to Tea Time and Happy Spring!!


  7. Your upcoming tea is going to be hit! You have certainly done some wonderful preparations...your room is so cozy and warm and you just can't go wrong with the blue transfer ware. I think I would really like cake with the orange marmelade on it thanks for sharing that yummy recipe for the coconut and pineapple pie!

  8. probably good idea to skip the cake and move onto something that's an automatic hit! :-D hope you're planning to walk tonight, as dad's blood sugar must be high from all of that mah-ma-lade!

    love you,

  9. good idea to skip the cake, since it wasn't an automatic hit, and try something else. hope you're planning to WALK tonight! i'm sure dad needs it, as his blood sugar is certainly high from all of that mah-ma-lade!

    love you!

  10. I really enjoyed seeing your home as you ready for your book chat. So warm and inviting. The marmalade cake sounds good to me!


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