Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trying to Usher in a Bit of Spring

For us here in SW Virginia, spring is  still  an illusion....  we see it on the calendar,   but today  it is very drear with  55 mild per our gusts  and  snow flurries...I keep telling myself,  ok,  I suppose it could be considered kite flying weather,  but  then who  wants to  sail  right away on the end of a kite string. 
Then last night  as  I watched Jane Eyre on Netflix,the most  gorgeous  1996  edition,
 directed by  Franco Zefferilli...  the  story  was set in    remote  Yorkshire,  and as the wind howled out  my window I imagined  being  a part  of the  story...
Filmed in Haddon Hall in Derby, England,   
which is one of the most  beautiful medieval  homes still standing in the UK.

As the story  developed across  several seasons,   no scenes  were more ethereal than  springtime around the environs.
I  think one of the most romantic scenes of any literary novel,   the garden scene  when  Jane and  Mr. Rochester  professed their love .....
Spring blooms radiantly  around the Hall.
While I am  reminiscing over the film, I would be remiss to not mention what   caught my  imagination most about the inside of Haddon Hall...

If you havent guessed, yet,   it is the   exquisite mullioned windows....   and the light and shadow play   inside  that  took my breath away as much as  any living  scene on the film....  Now that was  a  magical  way to try to usher in  spring  to my  dreary    late March   evening!
Seasonal Sunday   with The Tablescaper.

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