Monday, April 25, 2016

Time for Me

First, of all  may I say I am delighted to be featured on Sandi's   
 this week. 
Today I  want to share a special time I  celebrated  last week.... following our  breakfast out at  Our Daily Bread I  picked up  these  delectable Macarons to try...  I was particularly interested in the  texture and  the  various fillings...  since I am very interested in trying my hand at baking these marvels myself.
 So I brewed myself a  lovely   Rooibos  tea  and  took  a  respite from  the  troubles of the week and enjoyed a  quite hour of contemplation.. I haven't used my heirloom  cups for some time,,, I inherited this pattern from  Hub's mother...  it is  Syracuse, the Portland pattern...  I just love them!
So then I set myself a lovely  simple tea table
 Opened my latest edition of Victoria BlissTea
 And  entered into a  teatime reverie  for an hour... a much needed  time to myself!

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  1. You can't beat macarons with a cup of tea!

  2. Dear Schotzy;
    I have to tell you - I just opened the bedroom window and thought there was a bird outside singing up a storm. I fell for that one! Thanks for sharing your sweet and relaxing tea time with us!

  3. Nothing like celebrating YOU with a quiet tea and a few macarons! Happy Tea Day!

  4. What a lovely respite just for you, Schotzy. I love the sound of your birdies here. The Fleur de lis cloche that houses your macarons is very pretty and I love the plate the cookies are on. Your teacup is lovely too. Thank you for sharing this quiet time with us.



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