Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Hodge Podge

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1. I read here a list of 13 things you should do in June. I'm paraphrasing a little but basically...

Go on a road trip with your best friend, pick fresh strawberries, host a garden party, take a morning run, treat yourself to a flower bouquet, spend a whole day hiking, discover a new coffee shop, try a new ice cream flavor, read at least one book, visit a Farmer's Market, make a swing for your home, and visit a new city. 

Which thing on the list do you most want to do? Of the activities mentioned, which one holds the least appeal? How many on the list will you attempt in June? What's one thing you'd add to the list? 
What a great list of fun things to do.. I hope I get to do many of them.. We are going on a road trip and my best friend will be with would be wonderful to pick fresh strawberries but that all depends on many favorite thing would be to host a garden party and I plan to host a virtual one.. but  time may not allow me to  plan an actual one!!! I will  treat myself to a lovely bouquet  just as soon as possible.. That is exactly what I need!   But  to be honest the  morning run and all day hike just isn't me.. maybe a few laps around the  walking  track...I can only think of one  coffee shop here in town that I haven't already  enjoyed but perhaps we will discover one on our road trip! That sounds really fun! I am taking a couple of new books with me on the trip so that one should be easy..I  will  probably visit a new city  and  I will  look for an ice cream shoppe.. but  the swing holds no interest for me...
I would definitely add... hold my baby grand daughter on the list!
2. What's something you could do today to feel more peaceful?
Read the Bible  and  spend time  before the Lord in prayer!

3.June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Are you a fan? Swiss mocha, rocky road, chocolate chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate, or a dish of plain chocolate...what's your pleasure?
I used to  like chocolate, but lately  my favorite  is  vanilla caramel gelato.
4. If you came with a warning what would it say?

Watch Out: Known for leg pulling

5.What's the most interesting website you've visited in the last week?
I have to go along with  our host's  I love pinterest, but haven't been there  this week!

6.Spring, summer, autumn, winter...which season are you? Why?

I am definitely not summer,  although when I had my colors done I was told   that  I am summer..  I  detest  hot, humid weather. I  would say autumn....  I am a very expectant  kind of  person.. I look forward to  autumn so much...  the  changing colors, the slower pace,  the   crisp cool air.. the season we like to travel and especially  go to the beach.... it is a mellow time   for sitting by a fire and enjoying a glass of wine and a good book  or just  curling up in a sweater and  enjoy the front porch minus  the mosquitoes! 
7."You lose sight of things...and when you travel, everything balances out." ~Daranna Gidel

Would you agree with that sentiment? Explain why or why not.
We don't travel that much  and it is easy to get in a rut  always  living one day much like another  that we do  lose perspective  of life, time, events  etc... I was reminded of our trip to Ireland last year...  I  am reminded about  it every time I see  an  English landscape ..   slow pace,, the  simplicity of the remote areas I love so much. The  Hub bub of the  cities and the varying delights  to be had around each  new corner.. no different yet so much the same as what we  experience.  On our road trip  it  will be much the same as we will travel to a different quadrant of the country  and  it  broadens our  thinking in the new  personalities we will encounter.. Travel is a great  experience and one not to be missed...  Now to convince hubby!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am so looking forward to some unspoken joys in the coming days!!!

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