Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's Fave Five

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April showers bring May flowers!
Today is such a glorious day!!!  We have had  quite a bit of rain  this week, but today the sun is shining and  everything is as verdant as I've ever seen it!!!A gorgeous backdrop  for  Old Glory!  With flag Day  soon  on the horizon  I am honored to  fly  our beautiful flag..
One of my Mother's Day  gifts  from Hubs was  a  great shopping trip  at  the Riverside Nursery where I found this wonderful  peony  that   he refuses for me to plant until  this fall.. so  I  will nurse it through the long hot summer...   it was loaded with perfect blooms  until the  hard rains  bent them all down  so he  cut me a bouquet for my  table.  I   love this color so much!

This season I am  also focusing  on  lavender  and it's benefits...  I intend to dry much of the blooms...I am  pretty excited about  this project.. 
About 4 years ago I purchased 3 knock out roses bushes and I was  so excited for  Hubs to plant them....  so where did he... right  behind  a huge   quite old forsythia..  I  couldn't find them for the longest time and needless to say,  I  was  perplexed and not happy.. I mean.. Knock Out Roses!!! I have fussed every season since  and  finally this spring  he decided,  before I could rip into him,  he would take out the forsythia,  and  now at their goodly size,  they do  make  a  splash of glory  there  by the  fence!!  Finally!
What a  sweet surprise to step outside and  see my exquisite snap dragons fighting their way up through the tangle of the rebellious  vinca vine.
 It is almost impossible to stay ahead of that  vine...We  finally have a handle on it...for now...  but  my heroic snap dragons would not be deterred...  what a luscious pink!


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