Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today~ May 22, 201

Out my window... 
cool and rainy!!

I am thinking...

our up-coming Sunday School event that I have been planning.. We are taking our church bus, driving to the next county to go to Attic Productions... and their May offering.. Mousetrap by Agatha Christie!!
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Then we will drive back to Cracker Barrel for dinner!

Should be a very fun day!!!

I am thankful..

for my dear husband who at this moment is mowing our .75 of an acre... and he really doesn't exactly feel like it.. I wish he could be persuaded to wait until another day... but alas, the temps will only be hotter later in the week.. This is the part I don't like about this age!! Thankfully, he just stopped and will finish on another day!!!

I am wearing
my plum knit dress .. such a comfort on these kind of days. I look presentable, but I can also curl up with my book!!!

I am watching.....

This BBC show can be seen on Netflix and all the episodes are on You tube as well. Seen in the photo are my favorite hosts... 

Here is a synopsis:
'In each programme we discover why they want to move, what they're looking for and which part of Britain they've set their heart on. In their chosen area, they are shown three to four idyllic country properties that match their search criteria and their budget. The last option shown to them is a 'mystery' house, a property that challenges the buyers' perceptions about what they really want.

During their journey, the buyers also have the chance to enjoy country life; visiting beautiful local towns, touring iconic British homes and monuments or gaining hands-on experience of traditional rural crafts and pursuits; all in a bid to help them get a real idea of the local areas and decide on the place they’d most like to live."
I absolutely love this show!!!!

I am reading...

Jan Karon's book, 

Some where Safe with Somebody Good
Image result for map of mitford

such a charming read...

I am listening to...

Pandora.. Outlander station... love the Scottish music!!!

I am hoping...

my daughter feels better soon.... poor thing has two tots, and between they seem to be passing the crud a round back and forth... it is been a miserable winter and spring for them!!!

I am learning...

not to get upset by all the turmoil, deception, hatred, and ill reports going around all the time... I know God is in control and He is allowing it to happen for a reason... too, I am fully believing time is winding down!Therefore, I am also learning to be expectant about Christ's return. Maranatha!!!

In the kitchen...

I found this wonderful recipe for dinner...

slow cooker pork loin with peach chutney

In my garden~

Shared Quote

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Closing Notes

God bless you one and all!

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