Monday, May 29, 2017

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For Today~ May 29, 2017
Happy Memorial Day
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Looking out my window... 
Sunshinny day!

I am thinking...
how very delighted I am that  my  sinus balloon dilation is behind me..  along with the three days of recovery  and  things  are truly looking up.. I am actually  breathing  better and  more  than ever in my 66 years!!!

I am thankful..
for  God's providence, watch care, and gifts of technology,  and  healing mercies!

I am wearing...
my  seer sucker Capri's and  blue tee!
More loosely I might say..  lost 6 pounds lately!

I am watching.....
last night we watched the Washington Dc  Memorial Day presentation..awesome!!

I am  reading...
Still reading Jan Karon's  Somewhere safe with Somebody Good!
Such a great book,   but  truly her  books are  preferably for her  old time readers..  each one a quiz of remembering  previous  citizens of Mitford...  but for fans it is like coming home  from a  long  journey apart for the  hometown we love!

I am listening to...
Oldie but Goldie radio..
Could it Be I'm Falling
 in love with you!!!!!
and Unchained Melody!   Love it!!

I am hoping... 
this afternoon I will really be feeling   much more myself... yesterday I had  a lot of vertigo...  I  rebuke that for today!!
we  are invited  out to a holiday cookout with  friends and  I am very hopeful!!!

I am learning...
the goodness of our Lord is  unchangeable,  unwavering,  and completely  unconditional  for His  children!!

In the kitchen...
today I am taking  baked beans..using  Bush's Country Style  baked beans..
Because  the country style beans already much of these ingredients  I only add anything to taste.. and  bake  for  about 85 minutes   or until set..  then  cook  before eating... 
Unlike Paula's beans, I don't want mine soupy...   but  set..  and but hard!
Southern Baked Beans
I am also taking farm fresh corn on the cob...  just  prepare the  cob  and  cook  covered in microwave for 3 minutes..  just almost al dente...  nice and  freshly  crisp!
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In my garden~

Thinking about how I  can  thrill my now granddaughters  with their  fairy garden at Ga Ga's house.  This one was a couple of years ago at  our cookout hostesses  home...  I'm still  working on  mine    for  our  precious wee ones to  grow their keen imaginations!  Just a bit of mine so far... 

Board Room
Here my pinterest  board  on fairy gardens.
I love this site for  creating  gardens even indoors..  
How to create a fairy garden for kids

which for me  works beautifully..  especially with  tiny tots...    Doodle Bug is  under 2!

Bless her pea-pickin' heart!

Shared Quote
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Closing Notes
That's it for today!!!   Time passes too quickly!  hehehe  When you're having fun!!

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