Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Saturday


Happy Pink Saturday!!

I love my new tea pot pictured above.... purchased in Lititz, PA at the Swiss Woods Bed and Breakfast. Not only does it hold marvelous memories made on our first trip to Boston to see the kids, but it makes a mean pot of tea.... just the thing I am thinking about today as the snow is piling up out side the window.This is a perfect day for drinking tea and reading that new book I got for Christmas..... The Cranford Chronicles! I love days like today!

Enjoy Pink Saturday and be sure to check out all the Pink celebrators at Beverly's, How Sweet the Sound!!!


  1. Ooh, it is beautiful. And, a cup of tea would be just perfect on this cold and snowy morning.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Now please rush over to leave me and Kelee a comment for a wonderful effort for Colette.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This is such an elegant teapot!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. The teapot is lovely and your plan for the day sounds lovely too: hot tea, a book, a comfy place to read with a view of falling snow.

  4. We're having a similar day here- just staying in and keeping warm. No new snow to report of, though, thank goodness! Hope you enjoy your day at home- tell Dad to take it easy when shoveling!

    Love you and happy (pink) Saturday!

  5. OH I love the Tea Pot,, so pretty... hope you are staying warm,,, a hot Pot of Tea sounds pretty nice,,, we did get some snow here and might get some freezing rain... Happy Pink Saturday..

  6. I ♥ to come here on Pink Saturday. Your blog is always so sweet and comforting. Cold and gloomy winter up here this year so Pink Saturday is one day I can always count on for a little pink ray of sunshine.

    Thanks for being my pink sunshine today☺

    Wishing you the comfort and warmth of those you love this weekend.

  7. Enjoy your snow. We are having a bit of a respite from the extremely high snow banks and I'll take it! February and March generally bring feet and feet of accumulation. Just about 3 more months of winter. That is a lot of tea and reading. :-)

    I'm still visiting my list of Pink Saturday posts. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  8. Your teapot that you posted for Pink Saturday is Priceless with those memories attached.
    Joyce M

  9. Lovely post....happy pink saturday....
    God Bless

  10. What a pretty new teapot - I've not seen one like it before. Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy drinking tea and reading your new books :)


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