Monday, January 18, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Carolyn's Daybook

Outside my window... a mush more moderate day... the sun is bright, the temps rather mild! The snow which has lain on the ground since mid December is fast disappearing!! YAAYAA!

I am thinking... how wonderful it was to reconnect with Lynn's cousin and her husband last night!

I am thankful for... these 4 day weekends Lynn and I have enjoyed this weekend.... I'll be so glad when he is able to retire in a couple of years!

I am wearing... jeans and my red turtleneck

I am remembering... that I have quite a bit of bible study form the Beth Moore class, Jesus, the One and Only to finish today!!

I am going... to just enjoy this quiet week... not too many plans... no one to take to a doctor... just relax and get some things done around home.

I am currently reading... this month's, TeaTime magazine, The Cranford Chronicles, and and my ongoing Bible study.

I am hoping... that we can establish some short and long range plans regarding some domestic and relational issues in the coming days. It is time to regroup and organize for spiritual growth, improvements in our domicile, and relationshps with others.

On my mind... I want to find time to get back into card making and some oil painting.. but that requires another major overhauol of my studio space.

Noticing that... the days are really getting longer.... can spring really be too far away?

Pondering these words...
G. K. Chesterton: Comforts that were rare among our forefathers are now multiplied in factories and handed out wholesale; and indeed, nobody nowadays, so long as he is content to go without air, space, quiet, decency and good manners, need be without anything whatever that he wants; or at least a reasonably cheap imitation of it.

From the kitchen...trying to finish up a myriad array of leftovers.... soon... someday, perhaps tonight. Main course... Sam's rotisserie chicken and potato cakes for sure.

Around the house... loads of laundry... straightening the dining room and then beginning the seemingly neverending chore of organizing this studio!

One of my favorite things~ celtic music

From my picture journal...
Looking so forward to the day when this scene is gone and new life is springing forward! This snow is vintage December 17,2009.
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  1. Hey Schotzy.... Such a wonderful thoughtful post.. really enjoyed reading it.... have a wonderful week..



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