Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy PINK Saturday!!

Happy St, Patrick's Day
Anyone who really knows me knows I am a huge anglophile... love everything about the United Kingdom and Ireland is  surely dear to me, a huge segment of my ancestry originated in Ireland..  The  Celtic music I love so well and share on my blog inspires me to learn more and more about my ancestral home..
  The wild and beautiful land beckons me to cast aside my troubles and return to the land of my forebears!
Photobucket The mystery and history of the peoples who lived there evokes wondrous dreams of what it would be like to actually share in their lives.
Little by little I cling to anything that will draw me ever closer to my ancestral roots...
  My celtic knot pendant I wear ...
The Beleek china and Irish tea cup I use for my Irish Breakfast cup of delight...
and I love to pop a  favorite dvd ...Leap Year and revel in the beauty of Eire!

or how about this one!

Happy Pink SaturdayVisit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more PINK SATURDAY!!


  1. Quite cute entry for Pink Saturday.

  2. Ah...another sister in the Lord & anglophile! Nice to meet you! I have 2 unabashedly English blogs & and am now following you! Lovely post and happy St Patrick's Day! I love Belleek!

  3. My ancestry is Irish and Scottish, I can relate to your love of Ireland and I too am an anglophile, I'm glad to be in such great company.
    Happy St.Patricks

  4. I just saw Leap Year...oh that scenery. It makes me want to hop a plane over to Ireland!

    Deanna :D


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