Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tablescape Thursday

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Easter is a 'comin'!
I can feel it in the air.,,
  the robins are a 'singin'
and  there's a scent all around
  of flowers all a'bloomin'
and petals  on the ground!
The breezes are a' breezin
  for the wind is all unfurled
Easter is a 'comin
  to bring light into the world!

The bunnies are a' groomin
getting ready for the  day
  they're all gettin' together
plannin' their Easter Day parade!
They a re the herald, don't cha know,
of this special time of year
  when  Christ the King
 conquered death
 New life on earth to spread!


I chanced to set about my table  when what to my eye should I see,
but a gathering of bunnies seated there, on the table so carefree..
So as not to disturb them then, I set  about to create
 a pre Easter  scape  on this rather dismal drear, rainy date!



The bunnies didnt seem to mind
  when I sat out my latest find..
  My brand new flatwear...  oooo how I love it!
JA Henckles  Vintage 1876 ---  I just got it!

It catches the light and gives it right back to me
  It's balance and weight   is a joy!
  And with my flash it resounded   its gladsome radiance
  I can hardly contain my glee!

On sale this month at Amazon  half price
 One cant go wrong
  when you can purchase such loveliness for  barely a song!
I think the bunnies are rejoicing with mirth
 Over this tablescape,  why not,, it's just so nice!

As we approach  this  wonderful  season
  commemorating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
  we are ever thankful for all the benefits of His sacrifice..
 our atoning redemption and access to the   Father, God of heaven.
  May everything beautiful  in springtime sing praise to the majesty of Christ, the King!


  1. I love your new flatware! (and poem!) (and bunnies!) I love bunnies! :)

    Happy springtime to you too!
    love you,

  2. Such a fun, festive spring tablescape, and I love the bunny! Can't wait for Easter!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Love the poem!! Definitely sets the mood for such a pretty, fun post!! Love your plates. Where did you find them? And you flatware is beautiful too!

  4. Just discovered your blog today (I don't have a blog- too technical for me) However, I enjoy seeing what my fellow Virginians are up to .
    I'm from Throckmortons in Varina(early 1600s) and Mills(early 1700s)in Goochland, so my American roots go way back like yours do.
    I'm bookmarking your lovely, inspirational blog.
    Carolleegail in Quinton, VA

  5. Love this! Beautiful bunnies and plates, so springy! Just adorable!...Christinme

  6. Darling and I have those same dessert plates but didn't see the matching dinner plates and bowls, pretty. Maybe I can go back and find them. I used mine last week's tablescape post.
    Thanks for sharing, lovely setting.

  7. What a beautiful post! Your poetry is wonderful and the still my heart! Your tablescape is lovely, enjoy it!
    Blessings My Friend,

  8. Your table is lovely with the bunnies and your new flatware.......getting something new for the table is more exciting to me than receiving jewelry.


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