Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mosaic Monday

This morning I was out bright and early on my way to my doctor's office to get my allergy shot...  Ahh, the advances in medical help for these horrid allergies  I get this time of year.... but this morning it was so glorious   with the top   hatch open and the warm air smiling in on me, I took  my favorite route down this country lane.  The awakening colors were singing to me as I sauntered along,,,their song filling my spirit...  I slowed as I came to the end of the lane because there before me  lay, like an opalescent jewel in  the morning dawnlight,  my dream property.... I dream about living in such a placid, pastoral locale...  the shining light reflecting off of a tree lined lake,, and a comfortable farmhouse nestled there in a glen...the mountains situated just right all about...  yet this property is within hootin' distance of all my favorite haunts... perfection in reality..
Visit Mary at the Little Red House for more Mosaic Monday!!

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