Monday, March 7, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook



Outside my window...It is a wonderful day... the rains have ceased,, yet the ground is very mushy, the sky is crystal clear, but a bit crisp.. daffodils are trying to burst open and forsythia is a blaze in golden shafts of glory!

I am thinking... I am so excited that for the next few weeks I have nothing challenging looming ...nothing I have to teach or particularly work toward...  I have the freedom to choose  whatever my heart desires...

I am thankful for...  there is some improvement in my mother's overall well-being.  she suffers terrible arthritis and is experiencing debilitation pain, yet her attitude is improving and a bit more sunny..

From the kitchen..  beef stew is simmering  casting off its savory aromas.

I am wearing... navy slacks, navy long sleeve tee shirt over pink and white check cotton blouse

I am creating... I plan to take some knitting classes. I need to bone up on the essentials  so I can have some projects to work on this year

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Paul Miller  The Peace Maker by Ken Sande  both of these are for bible studies at church!   The Peace Maker   is for our Sunday night Pastor's study.

I am hoping....  to get out this week  and so some spring planting...

Around the house.... the house is in good shape....of course, however, the laundry is never ending around here.

One of my favorite things....reading... however, havent had a chance to read a good book of my own choosing in quite a while

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday - banking,  visit with mom and dad, cooking up the beef stew

Tuesday-  allergy shot, Mom to the doctor,  laundry, marketing , work on Bible Study

Wednesday- Wednesday evening dinner at church and  Bible Study

Thursday- Mom to the hairdressers while I slip over to AC Moores and do some lovely shopping for nothing in particular... love that!!! small group Bible Study in the evening

Friday-  I would love to invite Dottie out for breakfast ...perhaps to E J's Landing

Saturday- Meet at Lynne's house to plan future events

Here is a photo Id like to share...

 Love is in the air, especially this last weekend when our daughter and sil visited so Amanda could be bride's maid to her best college roommate...  
Amanda is second from left here   with two more maids to come it was a gorgeous bridal party!


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  1. That's a pretty good picture of me & Josh! :)

    love you and hope you have a lovely week!


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