Monday, March 14, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook



Outside my window...Today dawned bright with a promise of sun but by midmorning overcast clouds took  the sky and the air has deteriorated to a chilly reminder of February  days!

I am thinking... I cant believe that a week ago I was thankful for a reprieve from burdensome undertakings.. those days and thought quickly dissipated. It seems that overwhelming tasks loom upon me once again....

I am thankful for... the ability to be able to endure and persevere in the struggles of living...  even though mentally I sometimes feel undone,  physically I am able and for that I am very grateful!

From the kitchen..   nothing is simmering... but Im thankful for leftovers!!!

I am wearing... winter white slacks, green turtleneck and tennis shoes

I am creating... my calendar which had gone missing for a few days has resurfaced... praise God and I am playing catch up filling it out and trying to plan my schedule for the rest of the month... This is becoming quite a jigsaw puzzle lately

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Paul Miller  The Peace Maker by Ken Sande, Ministries of Mercy ,by Timothy Keller all  of these are for bible studies , or ministries at church!   The Peace Maker   is for our Sunday night Pastor's study.Pastor Schemm is asking us of the Benevolent Committee to read the Mercy book   as we are seeking to expand that effort  and combine perhaps with local missions.  This makes for a lot of heavy reading at the moment

I am hoping....  to get out this week  and so some spring planting...

Around the house.... the house is in good shape....of course, however, the laundry is never ending around here.

One of my favorite things....sharing with folks I meet online.. I really enjoy blogging, and facebook.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday - financial   business for parents, deal with improper billing problems for parents, Bible Study,

Tuesday-  ,  laundry, marketing , work on Bible Study,  Community Band Concert

Wednesday- Wednesday evening dinner at church and  Bible Study

Thursday- Dad to dentist, choir, luncheon  at church,  small group Bible Study in the evening


Saturday-prayer in chapel

Here is a photo Id like to share...

A collection of dainty tea cups thrills my heart and really inspires me to thing about higher level things like hosting a friendship tea in April.. perhaps this year it will happen!

For  the 2011 edition of The Simple Woman's Daybooks visit Peggy here!

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