Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook



Outside my window...It is the first full day of spring and it couldnt be more spectacular!   The sun is warm, the air fresh and clear!  The flowering trees and spring posies are radiantly in bloom and the earth is supple and ready for tilling..  I love this wonderful season!

I am thinking... how marvelous is the   Word of God!   How Jesus used the simple parable and metaphors to describe life in His kingdom The references to planting the ground,  tilling the various types of soil, preparing it to receive new seed,  or the metaphor of prayer being like the gardener who plants,  then waits for the the seed to germinate,   while he see how God is going to answer the prayer ,   then works to bring in the crop...  God inspires His children to  operate within  the kingdom  with the gifts He provides   through instructions that they can readily understand through experience.... and their wisdom of things of Him and knowledge of His true nature develops and grows...

I am thankful for...  there is some improvement in my mother's overall well-being.  she suffers terrible arthritis and is experiencing debilitation pain, yet her attitude is improving and a bit more sunny..

From the kitchen.. cooked last night so  Im hoping for   dinner out this evening...

I am wearing... jeans,  white tee and red light weight sweater,  and sandals...

I am creating...  an atmosphere of spring in my home

I am reading... A Praying Life, by Paul Miller  The Peace Maker by Ken Sande  both of these are for bible studies at church!   The Peace Maker   is for our Sunday night Pastor's study.  I am preparing to teach  a couple of chapters from  the praying book next week.  This has been a marvelous study on prayer and how to approach God more effectively!

I am hoping....   to go to my favorite consignment shop this week... Love to visit there each season and see ho it is decorated  and find something new to revitalize a room or two.  The price is always right there!

Around the house.... the house is in good shape....of course, however, the laundry is never ending around here.

One of my favorite things....is anything English...  I am behind the times I suppose but I ams till very excited to finally upgrade our cable tv and now we have BBC America.     I am looking forward to finding perhaps at least one  new show that will tickle my fancy.  And I look forward to a fresh perspective on world news in the BBC news network...   Our liberal media here becomes quite mundane after a while   and a fresh perspective appeals to my hungry ears.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday - Bible Study and clean house

Tuesday-  allergy shot, Mom and dad  to the doctor,   marketing , work on Bible Study

Wednesday- Wednesday evening dinner at church and  Bible Study

Thursday- shopping at the consignment shop,  small group Bible Study in the evening

Friday- our 39th anniversary... dinner   at our favorite restaurant overlooking the city...  Looking forward to my favorite....  chicken marsala!

Saturday- Meet at Lynne's house, ( I'm bringing the refreshments...  I'm thinking perhaps a nice quiche and sweet bread and fruit)

Here is a photo Id like to share...
A bit of spring gardening produces a refreshing   atmosphere  at our rear entrance to our home!



For the 2011 edition of The Simple Woman's Daybooks visit Peggy here!

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