Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Saturday


Happy PINK Saturday!!

Happy Pink SaturdayVisit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more PINK SATURDAY!!

I know I have spoken here of this many times before,, but it just so happens that I spend every Saturday morning  with my prayer sisters...either first and third weeks at the prayer chapel in church or second and fourth weeks in the home of Lynne,  our coordinator  and inspiration..  Lynne has such a child-like approach to the Father... her worship is free and heart-felt, and her vivacious spirit motivates us every week...   her home just has a wonderful , relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and we so enjoy our times there...  we take turns bringing the goodies,   and last time  Lynn had everything decked out in pink!

  She always serves the very best coffee with every delicious creamer  one can imagine, and the banana nut bread and fruit were simply scrumptious!
Don't you just love these dishes!  Lynne inherited them from her grandmother and they are just the sweetest dishes... everyone  loves them!
  This week I take the goodies....  I  baked a strawberry breakfast jam cake, served with whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top, and an impossible quiche since we are meeting more  at the brunch hour.  Perhaps I'll have pictures of that next week!
  Meanwhile, please enjoy your PINK Saturday!   There is always something special to celebrate and stay in the Pink!!

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