Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

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When I think of   blessings  of the week, I am  reminded  of   true gifts  that  could only have  come from the Lord.
1.  Coming  into  the  dark  drear  house   the other  evening  I   was   feeling  lonesome and    a bit undone  by  circumstances and   a  feeling of depression  was   beginning to  gnaw on me....   and then  suddenly I looked and saw the  most amazingly   beautiful and   rather  large bird in the   leafless persimmon tree   by  our    sunroom....  and  then I heard it's   winsome  and   magical   call...    the   hauntingly   lovely   song of  my  very favorite bird, the  white throated  if God was reminding me,   Im not  one bit alone, and  see what  I  have to offer you, even at  times like these!   What is   miraculous is that these birds are usually   far south  by now...
2.   On Wednesday night  Lynn and I were awakened   around  midnight  by   something  I never dreamed I'd hear right outside our window....   a pair of   owls   were  calling to one another.... on Halloween,   and   on  the night of   the  full moon!   I think that is  so cool   as  a  retired   third grad teacher....  I wanted to get out of bed and   illustrate that on the blackboard!!!
Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) - Picture 1 in Bubo: virginianus - Location: Michigan, USA.
Common  in Virginia   their  call  sounded just like this!
What a thrill   that  was ... W e  have left out window  ajar   ever since,  hoping to  hear   their   love song   again!
3.  The   wonderful   sweet husband of mine... Lynn  is   such a blessing to  me....   he works so hard at my parents' home getting it ready to sell.   He   is  right now  cooking up a storm in our kitchen...  he makes   the  best  homemade chili!!!
4.  Tonight   we have the   most  wonderful privilege  to   come together  in prayer .... before   God and     openly  in  our community    to  pray for our nation....   What  a  marvelous  gift  through  Christ  that we can enter right into the  throne room   and   bring our  confessions,  petitions, and praise  to  the Father....  and   we   are  grateful that   the Holy Spirit  led our   founding fathers  to  establish   our nation under  God's providence   with   unalienable   rights...
5.  I am  blessed    with  both my parents  living...  even though they   are   in separate   facilities,    they a re   doing well,    relatively pain free,     trying hard to   find   happiness in their new  circumstance....   for that  I am  very thankful!!!!


  1. You truly are blessed to have your parents with you still! Treasure each day and every conversation.
    What fun to hear and see those fowl :) When we moved into the inner city of LA, I didn't expect to ever hear birds, but they were there tweeting. And now where we live I still enjoy listening to the bird calls all day and in to the evening.

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well this week! I hope that the prayer event went well tonight and that everyone in attendance was blessed and encouraged.

    Hope you and Dad have a good Saturday!
    love you,

  3. Lovely post. it IS a blessing to have our parents still with us. Come join my month of Thanks-living during the month of November until Thanksgiving. Every day I'll be sharing one thing I'm thankful for and asking others to do the same.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. How funny that you wanted to get up and illustrate the owls calling to one another. That probably would have been a bit of a surprise to your dear (chili-cooking) man - at that hour of the night.

    So glad you "found" the surprise and its meaning God had for you in the sparrow. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  5. Welcome to Friday's Fave Five! What a beautiful looking blog you have. Love the header!

    I'm with you, what a privilege it is to be able to come to God in prayer!

    Loved your first fave. I love when God speaks a personal thing to our hearts through the lovely nature he created!

    Enjoy your week and hope you join in again with us!


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