Monday, November 19, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (281-289)

One of my favorite    books     and  most uplifting   blogs is   written  by   Ann Voskamp....  I join with her Mondays  to    continue my gratitude  journal..
281.  My  dear   husband    is   so completely wonderful....  words   cant even  fully  explain how   dear he  is in his retirement....   please pray   with me for him...   he  is having a lesion on his  forehead removed   next week...  oh  how I wish it was  today...   the waiting  isnt easy.
282. I  am so  grateful for the     help we  have received form so many   in both   the  local  government and Social Services,   the  Veteran's Administration and  the nursing home for my mother  in   finding and  making    things possible for my parents to live in  safe and   well maintained  caring  facilities....  As  an only  child   this has been   especially     difficult  but the help has   been a   real God-send!
283.Family times   last week   were  especially   sweet...  spending time  with  my d ear   cousin and    2 aunts...sharing  long past memories   was   so   precious to me.
284.  Even now,  while I  write this  my d ear  husband is calling me to breakfast.....
285.   My favorite season is upon us.....    I love  the holidays so much....   family and tradition   and the memories of  these  times   are  my treasure!
286.  The power of the Word of God...   Ephesians  1: 15-23   as  expressed in Paul's    thanksgiving prayers  for   the church....
287.  Good  christian   romances  to read  that   uplift and   make  the spirit sing...  I just  finished  a  wonderful Christmas novella  by Kathleen Morgan , One Perfect Gift....
It really put me in the   holiday mood!!!!!!I had checked it out at church...  at 160 pages it  was  an easy  one day read!!!
288.  Another   new book  I  had the pleasure to read  last week  was  by   one of my favorite authors, Liz Curtis Higgs....   a  real  page turner and    fast read...
A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs
Just my   kind of  wonderful  holiday book!!!! Thank you 
D..for checking it out for me!!!!!
289.   I am  so thankful that  I     am doing the COmmunity Bible Study  this year...a s we  study the  Epistles of Paul,  Galations,  Ephesians,  Colossians , Philippians,  the study is   powerful,   not that much hard time consuming   writing   but   very enlightening  to  the Word of God and the new friends and opportunities  to   join with many old friends   is a  true blessing to me!!!!

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