Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (275-280)

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275.  The   wonderful   ride  Lynn and I took into the mountains Sunday   was  such a treat....   so different from our travels of just a couple of weeks ago  where the trees  were  showing off their  vibrant  colors.... Sunday   the  true sense and spell of November   lay over the land and the  white bark of  the  hardwoods  gleamed against the purple mountains  in the  afternoon sun.
276.  I dont know about  anyone else,  but  I am so   blessed and happy that   election day has finally come....
277. My husband is   the  best....  so   supportive and loving and   giving  of his time and love....
278. Our church family grows more special in my heart..every  week..such  caring and  precious  families!
279. As I live across  from my polling precinct, I am blessed to see voter turn out   very  energetic this morning...  I can only hope it  remains  like this throughout the day... and of course, praying   that  God  's will is to bless us with  a Godly   strong leader!

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