Thursday, November 15, 2012


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Katherine encourages us to stop and contemplate what it is that truly makes us happy... during this hectic season duty calls so much that one hardly has time to turn around..... Especially this year having both my parents in separate facilities.... and trying to get their home on the market..... as well as, plan for the holidays.... I do find solace and peace in one thing that is and always will be my main stay... my go to which is a comfort and rest of soul and spirit... and that is music...

Spotify ,through google,   is one outlet for me while Im on my computer.... so easy to create a playlist for every mood conceivable.... and there is no fear of hijacking someone's work because I am assured that each time my favorite musician's work is enjoyed they receive a royalty for it..... 

when Im on my tablet I use Pandora which is so great, because it introduces me to new talent and broadens my love of new musicians. Right now I am listening to 
Obviously  Im in need of solace  this afternoon... and   this  wonderful   medieval music   helps me   breathe deep and  absorb  life!!!!
I am on my mobile tablet so much now and another wonderful music source is the free app...called Tunein radio.... this offers a tremendous amount of variety for listening pleasure with just one click.... this is also available online.... offering radio programming locally as well as internationally.. 

Music is a giving tree for me... when I feel depleted, music fills my cup and gives me strength to persevere or just pours its peace deep into my soul!!!

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  1. music is the heart beat of our world.Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo


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