Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting There

I was just visiting  at The Rose Chintz  Cottage and discovered  we only have  26 more days til  Christmas....  Sandi a t the Cottage  is also  hosting a Christmas Tea on December  10...   that sounds so fun..... hope I can     get  my act together to join into that   party!!!!
You're invited to join me December 10th for my Christmas Tea
I  must say though  that   all in all  today was fairly productive...
After   my dear  hubby and I got the  living  room decorated,  we  actually had time to go over to   my parents  home and move the  bedroom  furniture  back into the bedrooms....   Lynn has been working over there  trying to get it  all  cleaned up, painted, and     repaired  to  put it on the market....  the  furniture  has  all been   crowded into the living and  den areas....   now  we can actually  begin   working  in the den  and   it's almost time to  have the   estate  sale   administrator   come over and have our wee   talk....  I doubt we  will  have the sale   before Christmas    but      things  there are  looking up....which is good because the sign goes  up   early December!
It feels great to have gotten   all of this done today!!!!  Perhaps tomorrow   we can  get  some decorating outside accomplished!!!!!That's my plan anyway!!!


  1. Your living room is stunning! I like what you did to the mantel and tree, very pretty and looks traditional and I love traditional. I would love to see more of your rug. It looks so similar to my Turkish rug in our dining room...Christine

  2. Oh my, how beautiful your room looks! I would love to see some close-ups of it! Thank you for sharing this with my HOME and I would love to have you join my Christmas Tea Party if you are able! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Your room looks amazing! Love BOTH the tree and mantel!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    sandy :)


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