Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (290-295)

Ann  Voskamp     @  A Holy Experience   wrote the  book   One Thousand  Gifts....   which  I  absolutely  love...    and  I share in  the   gratitude   journal   beginning  today  with 

290.    I  am  so grateful that  we  were able to have   another   wonderful  thanksgiving  celebration with 
my parents  in our home last week.

We  were able to   bring  mom and dad in   from their   respective  nursing  facilities    for  a  great  time of sharing and remembering!  At  nearly 94 and  nearly 90   we  dont  know  how many more  times  like this  that  we  will  be  able to  share  all together!!!
291.  It  was also  our   great pleasure and honor  to  enjoy our dearest friends, Dottie and B ill   around our  table....Just  like a sister and brother,    Thanksgiving  is  the best  time for "Family'' to   be  together!!! 

292.  Today  as    I sat in the car waiting for Lynn to drop something off  at  mom's  old house  we are working on   ...  I  heard   a   wonderful chatter  right beside me...  it didnt take me long to   be introduced to my   chatty  friend....
  Such a  handsome  fellow.. the most gregarious sort of chap....  I dont   really  know what  he was  trying to tell me,  but   he lingered  there for  quite sometime  as we  checked each other out!!!
293.  I  love   the sweet  uplifting   movies   we   are  offered   during the holiday  season.  Whether  a made for  Christmas special or   a  reprisal of   a grand   old  classic,  this is my favorite season  for   tv watching....   almost always something   worth   giving   any hour or two  to..
294.Leftovers   this year   are   quite  enjoyable.....   My  mother's dressing  recipe   almost hit the mark this time.....  makes that   leftover turkey  so much the sweeter!!!
295.   The  thanksgiving   colors and   autumn  leaves  are   all put away and   it's beginning to  look a bit like  Christmas  around the house.... hopefully,  the tree will   go  up   soon!!!

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