Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A bit of hard Work and a lot of Imagination!

This  past weekend  we got to visit  your  great friends, David and Gerri who live up on the mountain...  even as hot as  it  was  ,   a  summer storm had passed  through and  cooled  the evening   and  we got to  enjoy    their  marvelous  indoor outdoor room..  overlooking the   ravine....  but for this post  I  was  as well  as taken by  the   wonderful landscaping....  and   Gerri told me  she wouldnt mind at all if I shared it on here so here we go....  as we arrived I could tell    someone had really  been  busy    the lawn and the trimming  were  immaculate!
 Im pretty sure that  Gerri and David  work  together on creating this  woodsy wonderland! 
I always  wonder   how they keep the deer at  bay! 
I   absolutely love the  overflowing  assortment of   annuals   in  this  birdbath! 
Just imagine  the  tinkling of the water as it cascades down this garden waterfall  into the koi pool... 
 And then I saw   the latest  addition to their garden....    I love it!!!!!  I hate to be a copycat, but I've been  thinking all day  about  how to create  a fairy garden for our lil' Birdie  when she  comes to see us this summer!
 Obviously, rocks and ferns   add a lot to the overall   composition!
And  as  we  entered    their   wonderful home,  I  snapped just one more  shop  in appreciation  of David's  nifty    trim work.... 

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  1. I love the fairy garden... I could be so tempted to create one of those


  2. How wonderful! Every garden needs a bit of fairy dust thrown about! Lovely little garden.

  3. Oh my goodness, what every garden needs a fairy land forest. Good job!
    JM, IL

  4. This is really pretty! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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