Saturday, June 20, 2015

PInk Saturday Remembering DAD

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My dad was born in 1919  in Southwest Virginia.  He graduated high school and  soon was inducted into the  Army Air Corps  during WWII.  He married  my mother  in the early forties...

 and I was    born  in 1950. Dad loved his military days and they  helped to mold  the man he  became...
dad was  very civic minded and   a diligent,  fair, and honest  business man... he truly cared for his clients  and served them well! Dad retired in 1984  one year before we adopted our  baby girl

He was an awesome POP POP 
And MOm and Dad's  life in retirement  was  full of joy and fun as they  worked together on  decorative wooden and painted  crafts  to sell at the  craft guild shows... they were quite a team.
We have wonderful  memories of lives lived well! 
They lived to see  Amanda  grown and married and  mom lived to hold her  great -grand  baby..  On  days like these when  memories flood  my mind it helps  to  review old photos and  remember   such sweet  times together in our family!
Happy Father's Day, Dad..  you are  loved and missed so much!

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  1. LOVE these pics, thanks for sharing :)

    Love you and thinking very fondly of Dad and Pop-Pop today!


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