Friday, June 5, 2015

Dashes of BLue

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It is funny how  once you start a  RENO   in  one room of the house  how the rest of the house  goes berserk!  We  had to  take everything out of the hutch in the kitchen and  put it all on the dining room table.. and  a book case in the sunroom  that was used  for   dishes    also was  dismantled on the sunroom table...  What a great time to    really   decide once and for all   do I want it,  need it,   or  can  I   send it away....  I filled 3 boxes and 2  paper bags for the  Discovery Shop and the Goodwill...  YAYAYA it is  out of the house now.. and the  dining room table is almost reclaimed.  Also, what a  wonderful time to sort through very drawer and shelf looking for things that go together like candles and candle holders.. May I  add here..... I need never to purchase another candle ever again...  I  found  a  whole    Walmart bag full of  half burned candles  that are going to the basement  for  when the power goes off, and  now all other candles are in  one drawer  and all other   votives  are  in  a separate cabinet...  They had been scattered  everywhere...   That alone  gave back  considerable room. So now after  a few  days of mayhem,  a few areas are looking  better than ever!
 The dining room sideboard is     looking  smart  today, because finally after 27 years I  can plug in lamps there..  We just had  the electrical for the kitchen updated and I got a  plug in here!  AYAYAYAYAY
 For  my daughter's benefit I am showing off my new  artwork....  This is the print  I got  at   the Gap of Dunloe... one of my     bucket list  places    I got to see  last month!
 The  we fell in love with the quaint  town of Adare in County Limerick, and  I found these   who  prints  of    Adare's    bucolic history!
 Sorry for the    glare  from the window.
 Then  the bookcase  was moved to the living room  and  found a new purpose....  I am  feeling  a definitely lift in my spirit with things  falling into shape and    the organizing that is taking place!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my    dashes of blue  today!

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