Thursday, June 25, 2015

Before and After Stage 2

Today is Thursday, the day after tear out....  the  cabinets are  mainly in... except for the one over the  fridge...  I am loving  them so much already,     Our  installers a re    wonderful...  they are so meticulous about  the geometry of them...  they  work tirelessly in  perfecting each line and angle...   there  have  been a few   faux pas,     but  Jason has  been  a dear to  work through each situation and    take  things on his own to  make them  perfect!  It was   such a great feeling this morning to see the guys carry in their tools... finally,     the work was about to begin!

 These guys meant business....  yayayay!

   and so   here  were the first  couple installed....   loving my drawers...  
 I   can't wait to  utilize my floor to ceiling pantry..
   Tomorrow  the granite folks will  draw out the template....  it will be so nice on    my new desk area!
   A cubby for  my favorite cookbooks,..  soon I will  have to decide  which ones   those will be!  hehehe
 SO great to  get  my computer out of  the grand kids room  and  really organize  my paperwork once and for all!!
So  the installer  finishes tomorrow and  the template will be  drawn  and  I am praying the granite will be  installed  soon...meanwhile,  Lynn has lots of painting to do! The cabinets will be  a    warm  Rolling Pebble by  Behr... just like these!
Image result for behr rolling pebble cabinets

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