Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh, the Mess We Endure

When we try to make something  pretty..  We have just embarked on a month long journey  from  small  cramped and  disor ganized, to  lovely,  functional, and    enjoyable...  as we  have  initiated the  transformation of our 1930's kitchen.

My medium sized square  kitchen is comprised of  a  U-shape  of cabinets and  appliances,  whereby I have only  had 2 drawers in the 27 years we have lived here...cottage style at best,  but  dysfunctional   at least.  So  over behind the  door  I  put my pie safe with  shelves for   linens.. it  rests there beside a  flue to the furnace.. bah!  But the pie safe will be coming out  to make way for a  floor to ceiling  pantry of cabinets....   now that will  solve  a few issues!
On the below  facing wall    I had   a  triple  sized hutch  for  a couple  extra drawers  and  for storage,  ..  but if you  have a bit of storage you apt to try to fill it up!!
Well , the hutch has been moved!
We had the electrician come out and     give us an estimate and  make some plans  for   adding  receptacles  for   the new  cabinetry  that is being built for this side of the room....    the   cabinet maker  told us they'd call this week,,,  to  plan a day to come out and  tear off the  countertops and  cut out  some of the old cabinets  which  are  going  by the wayside   to make way for a new  arrangement  , and   then we are getting lovely new doors and hardware..
Well,  the hutch now sits    empty in the sunroom   awaiting     movement of   other furniture out there  to make  way  for it to establish its new home there..
the dining room table is     burdened with the  ton of   must-haves that belong in that hutch,   and yes, I have  gone through it and through it and  can't  find anything  else to    take  to   Good will  or the Discovery Shop..,  Now some of this will go into the     cabinets... yayayayaya!  Oh, yes. there in the corner you can see the  sideboard    sitting cockeyed  in the  room,  but thankfully, I  am finally getting a receptacle there    on the  wall facing the  dining table.. I am already thinking of  the   ambient light and     music  that will   soon    be accessible  in there!
Now if you're actually reading  this, you might wonder  where  am I going to  put all the stuff in the  cabinets  that will be   cut out...     YOU got it...     this all has got to  find its way back into that hutch  by tomorrow    so  this table will    receive  a new burden...
  No body  ever said  transformation was easy!
Metamorphosis  at  Between Naps of the Porch
 Before and After at  The Dedicated House
The Dedicated House

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  1. Well done! It's a long road, but you're doing all the things necessary and the fun is just beginning. The reward will be a lovely new kitchen and lots of storage. I know well the look of your dining room table - we just completed a rehab of our house. Brava to you and good luck!


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