Monday, June 22, 2015

Before and After Stage 1

The Dedicated House
Met Monday
It's a  great morning at our house.... we have been planning and  purchasing and  downpaying on a  complete  kitchen makeover... as seen below it was  terribly outdated...  Our  painted wood cabinets  are  wonderful  in that they are solid wood and    custom  to their space,

but  not to the room and so  I was using   furniture to  make up the difference in   storage capacity.
 This hutch was  loaded to the max    with all of my  several sets of  dishes  and  serving items.
 My 1930's kitchen is  what it is. small,  so    we want to maximize the  space  with new cabinetry  while   utilizing the  original  cabinets minus their facade...  to update   and  renew the  space..
 So this morning  Lynn was  disconnecting  the sink    had moved the  stove  out of the way.. the base cabinets  and  cabinets above the  fridge  were   cleared out and  all over my  dining room

   as well, the hutch was   gone  and the stove moved to make room for  some  cabinet  tear out  ..

 Notice that there isnt  a full inch of  space above  my f ridge  which  limited me from purchasing a new  one  last  January during the  New year's  sale...  so  that  cabinet had to be  completely torn out so the new one  will accommodate  a new fridge sometime down the road...
So by 9am  the cabinet folks were here    to begin  tearing out  what will be  wholly replaced..
let you  tell you that these cabinets were built to stay... forever.....    so strong and  well designed  but  just not that  functional   for today. 
Finally,  the cabinet over the fridge was  out... 

How about this 1930   wallpaper that was revealed! 

Then   the   side cabinets were  out...  because of the  stove placement    there will be a blind  cabinet with a rectangular  pull out  shelf  that  is  commercial grade... I  can ever store my    kitchenaid mixer on it!  yayayayay!  I will also  get    a whole    cabinet of drawers...   replacing     two drawers I have lived   with  for over 20 years!

I  am  thrilled  that   I still have my sink and  countertop.. installation  will be   Thursday  and then  Lynn will  begin the painting....  I love my paint color

Image result for vanilla granite
I think it will look great  with the granite..  and to  help   keep the kitchen light.. Im seriously  considering  keeping  my white appliances.. at least for a while!
 OH,  and   we  ordered  the  plantation shutters    last week...

They will be like these only single  hung on my  single windows 
Oh,  and in place of the    ugly  old-fashioned  recessed lights  under the window  valances  I have  these   cute pendants..
Quoizel ER1508
 But everything in its time....

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  1. wow! i can't believe that WALLPAPER behind the fridge cabinet. haha, what a relic! so excited that this is underway! can't wait to see more pics!
    love you!


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