Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hodge Podge

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1. On Saturday July 4th America celebrates her Independence. (If you're not American, feel free to answer in terms of a national holiday in your own country) What is your favorite thing about the day? Your favorite food on the 4th? Do you fly a flag at your house? Fireworks-yay or nay? Any special plans this year?

I have always loved our country and viewed my citizenship here as a privilege not to be taken lightly.... I love a parade! I love fly- overs and the wonderful patriotic songs... I love singing in the patriotic service at our church! I particularly enjoy singing the tribute to the Armed forces when representatives form each branch of service march in carrying the flag of that branch,  as we sing and veterans of each branch stand when their battle song is sung. I love the typical summer fare... hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, and watermelon.. I usually always left off the apple pie for another ear of corn! We always fly the flag and usually dress the house in bunting! Anymore, as much as I love fireworks,,, the crowds and the inconcvenience keep us from going but I enjoy hearing them boom across our Blue Ridge Mountains! We enjoy having friends in for the aforementioned festive meal!

2. What's something you recently got for free?At church Sunday got to express my freedom to remind the people that last Sunday was the CAll2Fall where churches all over the country were asking for people to fall on their knees in repentance and prayer.. What a privelege to be a part of a national call to prayer.. may we never lose the ability to freely assemble in God's name!

3. The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, or Mount Rushmore...how many on the list have you seen? What is your favorite historical American monument, and why?

We have seen all the monuments in DC , the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall in Philadelphia... But alas, Amtrak as it speeds through NYC doesn't reveal Lady Liberty.. and that is the only way I have seen NYC! My favorite is the Liberty Bell.. for the very wonderful ideal of liberty that was bought with such a heavy price and still is today!

4. When it comes to the news are you more ostrich (stick my head in the sand) or hog (they have room to take a whole lot in)? How much attention have you given the recent news reports regarding ISIS and the acts of terror they've perpetrated against those who do not share their beliefs or support their cause?

Well, when it comes to these things one would truly have to be an ostrich to miss the details... I find I still am coming to grips with the horror of the atrocities and at first they seemed so foreign to me, as we were all so taken by surprise by the scale of it all... yet we seemed to just be living room quarterbacks or spectators to the grisly news... now I try to get more vested in it all by sending support to those who are affected by these events... Samaritan's Purse is a good place to send donations almost every penny is sent to the places in most need. And, of course,  we pray for peace in the Middle East , and all places across the world where deadly persecution is taking place.... God forbid it should come here.

5. We're talking plain ice cream...vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Choose one.


6. Share a song you love containing the word 'stars' in the lyrics

or title?
  Sousa's "Stars and Stripes forever!"

7. Say goodbye to June by writing an acrostic.

Coming to this house so many years ago

Upon a mid July, our

Little girl was just a tot.. we loved this home, but there were a lot of improvements to

Make.... redo this.. replace that... life was hectic right from the start...

I guess you'd say.. life took first place.... the house a far second.. and things did not get done.

Never did we fuss or bicker... we just settled in

And enjoyed things as they were..

Til this merry month of June..we've  started many things.. not to their completion, but

Even the neighbors are saying, "Have you seen all the workmen over at their house this month?"

Yes, June has culminated in several projects that we have had on our wish list for a very long time....We started the month planning and getting our estimates...
last week.. we saw our kitchen remodel take shape...
all the cabinetry is at least installed.. we now wait for the countertop and for dearest to get up his motivation to start the long painting process..
and then today the aluminum siding man came to do the most hateful part of the house to paint the high end gable trim at the roof line! So glad to get that job completed!

I absolutely my new cabinets with the gorgeous maple doors... going to be hard to see them painted but alas.... since we worked in our old painted cabinets elsewhere these will be painted soon!Love my molding!

It has been grand today moving stuff back into them... so wonderful the inside doesnt need to be painted.... the marvels of the 21st century!

My new pantry holds the world... no more dragging heavy pans up out of the bottom stove drawer.

I am ecstatic to get this done...bet the neighbors are, too!

I love seeing workmen parked in the driveway... we still have a July project.. if things pan out it may push on into August, otherwise... but at least it will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
We're off now to join my Aunt and Uncle for a lovely dinner out on the town.... They wanted to serve us a meal during the kitchen mess.....so the clock ticks and it's almost time to go.. Mustn't tarry... Life is a lovely existence ... never time to dawdle! Just time to love, serve one another , and love some more!  Bye now!


  1. The kitchen is looking good. Must be a great feeling to get all that work done. Your song didn't seem to want to load :( Happy 4th July.

  2. I liked your acrostic and it must be very satisfying getting all that work done - kitchen looks great. Happy 4th July

  3. Beautiful cabinets! I'm sooo ready to get my kitchen renovated, but we'll have to wait a couple more years! Love the shelf for the cookbooks!

  4. I love your memories of the 4th and the kind of events that bring chills of pride. I too like to donate to be able to do some small thing for the ones who are suffering so.

  5. Wow! I'm impressed with your acrostic poem! Well done! Your kitchen looks nice. I like to see workmen in my driveway too, but I prefer to see them LEAVE once the work is completed! ( :

  6. Yippee, a fellow strawberry ice cream lover! Your new kitchen is going to be fabulous and I loved your acrostic.

  7. We're just beginning a house build, so I can relate to your re-do woes. Awesome acrostic! Enjoy meals in your lovely new kitchen : )

  8. Your kitchen redo looks great!

    Happy 4th!


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