Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blue and White Friendship Tea

  As  summer  swiftly approaches I  find that   my go to color is   blue and  shades of it..  I especially  love blue and white  and   if I could start again  it  would be much more predominate in the house,,,  but  now   an occassional   splash of white and blue  is   all a room needs to brighten it up...  especially in my  heavy English Tudor   parlor.  Whereever I go, I  always  look out for transferware...  I   love the red,  black, and blue   specifically..    those three colors    cover  the   seasons for me.  If it is summer. it is the blue and white... and I  particualy love the florals and  English countryside...  here,  a collection of odd pieces  all  compliment each other  drawing out each piece's    specific  qualities...  
I love the  simplicity of the  floral cup,    however there is no marking on  it. 
I love the    delicate  lines of this pot...    it wasw made ny Taylor Smith and Taylor..  This was and is the only  Ebay  purchase I ever made. 
To me,   a  teapot and  handy  cup  say,"Welcome,   join me in a hour of   friendly  conversation and  a  warm  cup of   lovely tea! "
  And just see how the   blue and white   perk up and  enliven  this  dark  bookcase...

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  1. Well my go to color is ALWAYS blue and white...so I love this! I love transferware too...so homey...or homely depending on your backgraound! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous treasures at Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. I'm also a fan of transferware. I enjoy browsing for teawares on eBay but the high international shipping fees have always deterred me from making a purchase.

    1. Hi, Margie, I agree shipping is a problem, so I love to peruse consignment shops everywhere I go! Now storage is my big problem!

  3. So happy you have collected transferware! The blue and white china really enlivens the bookcase. Your TST teapot with scalloped edges is so lovely. I also collect different colors in transferware and love all the shades. Hope you will take a peek of my celebration post this week. Enjoy your blue and white china this summer!


  4. I adore transferware! I collect the red mostly but I do have some blue and a little green. Love your blue in the cabinet. It really pops in there against the wood. The blue is perfect especially for summertime. Thanks for sharing yours and joining me for tea.


  5. I love your collection of blue and white transferware. It is so perfect for summertime.

  6. I love your collection of transferware and how truly wonderful blue is - very restful. I am sure you never get tired of looking at it. Classic. I am so glad you shared.


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