Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Pearls

Through my window: There is the threat of rain today, but I am praying it holds off until this afternoon, as my sweet husband is coming home from work early today to load up our sunroom sofa to take to the reupholsterer! It is noon and the clouds are still high in the sky so I am hopeful!!!
Through my door: I have had a turbulent week. On Sunday we were so blessed to get to take my parents up the valley to meet our kids who were passing through on their way home from a wedding they were in on Saturday. It was a fabulous time together all six of us... my parents and Lynn and I with Amanda and Joshua.
You can see what a joy Amanda is to us. She brightens our lives immeasurably!
It is always so hard to say goodbye to her!
Then we had a 2 hour trek home that night, and no sooner had I dropped off my parents and returned home that we got a call that mom had fallen face first on the tile floor in the bathroom. We spent all night in ER.
Thank God she didnt break anything, but we have had the concern of a brain bleedfor the lat 48 hours. Thankfully the time to be concerned about will soon be past. But she is very banged up and her poor face is black, blue, and quite swollen.
Anyway I have been traipsing back and forth from house to house and to the market. Praise the Lord they live only a short distance away!

Hearing: the loud whirring of my computer fan... I pray it isnt about to go out!!!Also, the kiddies at the school across the street are playing joyfully on the playground across the way!

What's Cooking:Meatloaf, acorn squash, and pumpkin pie!

Hearth and Home: The sunroom is getting a redo ever since we replaced the carpet with tile. The tables are new and the sofa is next on our list.
They promised it might be all done by the end of next week.

Healthy Living:Ive been cooking for two families so far this week, and by the time I get around to eating dinner here, I am not as hungry.... so maybe that will be a good thing in the long run!

Creative Corner: still no plans right now.

Storm over Coronado, by Donna Jeremiah
Book of Mark, Bible
Beth Moore's Study of Daniel
First Place 4 Health Bible study
Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby

On My Mind: Just as soon as I publish this post I must run and do my experiencing God homework... I am terribly behind in all my study. But I have been experiencing God which certainly is better anyway!!!
My prayer life: Prayer is such a marvelous opportunity we have when we know the Father through the Son. We experienced such peace and comfort Sunday night in the ER as mom started the healing process and began this long road to recovery. Her poor knee and elbow were both abraded and the entire skin peeled back, I was dreading the continuing care of these wounds and I was praying for God's strength and wisdom in how I was going to be able to take care of these, but He basically delivered me from that entirely. Mom's fragile skin won't hold a stitch, but the doctor used about 30 of those suture strips to hold the skin in place and we were told to just leave it alone... even that the strips will just basically fall off when it is ready to and the wounds have healed. Praise God.....

Gratefulness: for my wonderful husband and how the Lord is working in his life and spiritual growth! Hallelujah!!!
Praying:I particualrly lift up Doris to the Father today! Father, She heeds your healing touch. Recreate in her those things she needs for full recovery... her heart and kidneys, Lord, bless her and fill her with Your strength! In Jesus Name!!!! I prayed this last week, and I must keep this prayer and of course add my mom and dad for continued strength and healing.
Planning: Just trying to keep my head above water...

Simple Pleasures: looking out my sunroom window at the chorus of beauty and peceful surroundings!
Thanks to Thia. I love with this theme so I am borrowing it. Her original is found on her site, Harvest of Pearls.

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  1. Carolyn,

    Praying for your dear mother and for endurance for you too. I hope she is better soon.

    Thank you for sharing your pearls with us. :)



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