Friday, October 30, 2009

Daily Pearls

Through my window: It is a rather gray day, but the vibrant folliage does offer a bit of cheer. The colors are fading quickly now, it seems however.

Through my door: I was out early this morning to go get my allergy shot, and then stopped in at krogers to pick up my food for the Thanksgiving food baskets that we need to take to church on Sunday! Our class is bringing in soups and mac and cheese. The I stopped in at mom's to check on their situation today. We unwrapped her knee to get some air. It is looking much better, all things considered! And the swelling in her face is better. The blood is draining on down her neck and bodice, but she looked brighter and was more cheerful today!

I started their lunch for them and left both mom and dad in good spirits... ready to watch one of their fav shows, Matlock.

Hearing: the quiet murmur of the ceiling fan. It is a quiet afternoon here.

What's Cooking: Hoping for dinner out tonight! We'll see! Lynn told me last night I'd really provided lots of good eats this week.... maybe a deserve to be treated out this evening

Hearth and Home: We did get the sunroom sofa off to the upholstery shop yesterday, and now i'm busy perusing this months Southern Lady Holiday edition for holiday house trimming....

Healthy Living:I am thrilled that the scales keep going down this week! I am into the next smaller size... I am thrilled to be wearing a pair of khaki slacks I havent worn in quite a while!

Creative Corner: still no plans right now.

Storm over Coronado, by Donna Jeremiah
Book of Mark, Bible
Beth Moore's Study of Daniel Chapter 8
First Place 4 Health Bible study
Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby Chapter 8

On My Mind: I've been thinking a lot about the Tea Party that is being held this afternoon where concerned citizens are lining the major thoroughfare with their placards showing their extreme dismay with the proposed health care bill our government is trying to pass. I have deep reservations about this plan. Every doctor I have spoken to, thinks it is definitely the wrong direction for our country, and I agree. I am thinking that our government lies to push an agenda, and I am praying that truth will be uncovered and rational minds will prevail!

My prayer life: I am praying to see God at work around me so I might join Him in His work to bring about his kingdom work. I am praying against the enemy's attack on our institutions and our way of life. I am being still and listening for God's small voice. My deep desire is to know His will and live in it!

Gratefulness: I am so grateful to have my parents and pray that the Lord will sustain them in their health, strength, and stability.
Praying:I particualrly lift up Doris to the Father today! Father, She heeds your healing touch. Recreate in her those things she needs for full recovery... her heart and kidneys, Lord, bless her and fill her with Your strength! In Jesus Name!!!! I prayed this last week, and I must keep this prayer and of course add my mom and dad for continued strength and healing.

Planning: Just trying to keep my head above water...

Simple Pleasures: seeing God's treasure in simple everyday things...
Thanks to Thia. I love with this theme so I am borrowing it. Her original is found on her site, Harvest of Pearls.

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  1. Bless your dear mom's heart. I hope she feels better soon.



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